Passenger Train Services over Unusual Lines

1963 Summer

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17 June until 8 September 1963. Unless otherwise indicated, trains operated on Mondays to Saturdays only. SUN denotes Sunday trains. Note the difference from the present practice of starting the timetable period on a Sunday.

The text of the first edition of what became Passenger Train Services over Unusual Lines appeared in the June, July and August 1963 issues of the Journal of the Stephenson Locomotive Society in Demy octavo (very similar to A5) page size, set in 8pt. type - a reproduction of it appears with their kind co-operation.

The principal copy - whilst not a facsimile reproduction - has been rendered in fonts as close to the "look" of the original form as possible and incorporates corrections published in the July and August issues, and a few others. There may be lines which - by today's criteria - would have fallen for inclusion - they remain absent from the listing. The original, competing for space in a monthly magazine, was closely packed - a constraint not applicable with this present medium so that the following concessions to greater ease of use have been made:

  • each train is listed on a separate line of entry;
  • station suffixes have been spelled out in full;
  • the foreword is a composite and given once only.
    Any notes or commentary are given in red text to distinguish them from the original printed text.

    Information appeared (somewhat perversely) in the following order:

  • London Midland Region (Western Lines)
  • London Midland Region (Central Lines)
  • London Midland Region (Midland Lines)
  • Eastern Region
  • Western Region
  • Scottish Region
  • North Eastern Region
  • Southern Region
  • Córas Iompair Éireann

    No attempt was made to include workmen’s passenger services operated by other than British Railways (such as those run by the War Department, National Coal Board and private firms).

    The three plans were drawn by the late J M Lloyd.

    No attempt has been made to correct mileages even though some are believed to require revision.

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