Passenger Train Services over Unusual Lines

listing regular passenger trains over obscure rail routes in the British Isles


Compiled by Richard Maund

This page was first uploaded on 3 January 2021

The 2021 timetable year is scheduled to operate from Sunday 13 December 2020 until Saturday 11 December 2021, with an intermediate change date of 16 May 2021 from when services will be subject to the summer and autumn timetable variations to carry the service through until December. However, the public eNRT timetable which should have started on 13 December 2020 has been "cancelled", and while 'base line' working timetables from that date have been published, they continue to be subject to extensive alteration as train operators react to Covid-19 effects. An analysis of the 'base line' working timetables will be prepared - in the hope that the services they contain do actually come into reliable operation at some date - and will appear here in due course. But the details should be regarded as indicative rather than definitive. Meantime, OpenTrainTimes and Realtime Trains websites enable checking for for specific train schedules.

COVID-19 - coronavirus

Be aware of government advice regarding travelling safely by public transport

Don't forget that all Sunday trains - and even weekday trains - are subject to further diversion or alteration.
Outline information of forthcoming engineering work is given on most train companies' websites and at the National Rail Future engineering work webpage. Late information may be available through the Gensheet Yahoo! Group

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