Passenger Train Services over Unusual Lines

listing regular passenger trains over obscure rail routes

Compiled by Richard Maund

This page was updated on 7 April 2024 - recent amendments shown in red.


For Europe other than the British Isles see the Enthusiast's Guide to Travelling the Railways of Europe; refer in particular to the "Lines with obscure or sparse passenger services" sections.

For the British Isles see the main PSUL pages.

The World beyond Europe

It is not the intention to pretend that the same degree of coverage can be provided for the rest of the world - in some countries the "normal" services are obscure and difficult enough to track down! The first place to start is the website of The Man in Seat Sixty-One. A compendium of information about overnight trains throughout the world is at the Night Trains website. For some countries, the Fahrplancenter site provides timetable information. There are railway systems with well known "normal" passenger services which also have passenger services of a regular nature over "obscure" sections of line which may not be obvious from their passenger timetables; such services need not necessarily be frequent - a service operating regularly on even one or two dates a year would qualify for inclusion below. Where tourist operations are mentioned below, it is their "obscure" operations - rather than their better known core operation - which are recorded. As "obscure" services come to light, this is where they can be recorded...

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The details given are current at the report date given - subsequent updating and reports of other potential candidates for this section (with as full detail as possible) will be greatly welcomed by the compiler.

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An excellent portfolio of public transport schematic plans for the whole of Australia is available at the Australian Rail Maps website. This identifies routes with regular, but limited, advertised services (and provides links to timetable information). Therefore, such lines will not be repeated below.
Train Times provided an alternative source of data - based on working/employee timetables - which was helpful in identifying trains over some of the routes below - but unfortunately up-dating ceased from September 2019 with the demise of its compiler, Victor Isaacs. Train Times data as at September 2019 remains on that website.

An extensive collection of signalling plans for standard gauge lines in various states is available via the SA Track and Signal site. Information about the various states' rail systems can be found in their 'open access' websites.

New South Wales

Concord West - North Strathfield Junction – Flemington NSW1
Entry deleted - service withdrawn - see instead NSW13.

Orange avoiding line NSW2
Indian Pacific trains serve a short platform on the avoiding line and do not serve Orange station. The weekly NSW TrainLink train Sydney ⇔ Broken Hill runs into Orange station and reverses both there and at Orange East Fork Junction (or vice versa on the return from Broken Hill), thus using the Orange Fork East Jn - Orange Fork West Jn curve, not the Orange station - Orange West Fork Jn curve (which has no regular passenger use); this is so that the train formation is not reversed at Orange. Report updated: February 2021

Cootamundra – Bethungra NSW3
The two tracks used by the Sydney - Melbourne and Sydney - Griffith trains are separated with the longer northbound track taking the Frampton deviation and the Bethungra spiral. Reported: January 2008

Unanderra – Moss Vale NSW4
Under the name The Cockatoo Run, East Coast Heritage Rail (3801 Limited) operate excursion trains Sydney Central ⇔ Moss Vale over this 61.44 km line as advertised. Prior to arrival at Moss Vale, the loaded outward train is expected to be turned on the Moss Vale north fork (triangle). The line itself (but not the north fork) is also used for diversions when engineering work blocks the Main South line between Glenfield and Moss Vale. Report updated: December 2022

Picton – Thirlmere [ - Buxton] NSW5
In addition to their regular trips Thirlmere ⇔ Buxton, very occasional excursions from the NSW Rail Museum (check the "What's on" details) at Thirlmere are operated over this 7.1 km line to the junction with the mainline as advertised - such as 30 and 31 March 2024. Trips "towards" Picton are advertised during the Thirlmere Festival of Steam (2024 dates: 18 and 19 May). Plans have been announced for extending the Thirlmere - Buxton service eastwards to a new platform short of the junction at Picton and westwards to Cole Vale. Report updated: February 2024

Sydney Central – Redfern – Erskineville Junction NSW6
Trains use these distinct routes:

  • Central terminal platforms 1 to 12 and Redfern 1/2: Illawarra Diveunder and Illawarra Lines. Usually denoted by an i note in timetables.
  • Central platforms up to 23 and Redfern 5/6/7/8: Illawarra Local Lines (main route for City Circle trains)
  • Central platforms 16 to 23 and Redfern 9/10: Illawarra Lines (used between Central and Redfern by City Circle trains entering/leaving service from/to Eveleigh Yard at Redfern; little used between Redfern and Erskineville Junction)
  • Central platforms 24/25 and Redfern 11/12: Illawarra Relief Lines (Bondi Junction route trains).
    Central platforms 13, 14 and 15 taken out of use for conversion to Metro use. Report updated: December 2022

    Cootamundra – Stockinbingal – Goobang Junction (Parkes) – Narromine – Dubbo – Binnaway – Gap (Werris Creek) NSW7
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn - see instead NSW10, NSW11 and NSW15.

    Farley (Lochinvar) – Telarah via Triangle Loop NSW8
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Flemington – Flemington North Junction [ – Olympic Park] NSW9
    This 2.65 km section of the former Homebush Bay branch provides a route direct to Olympic Park from the east. There is no regular service (all regular services at Olympic Park are shuttles from/to Lidcombe) but trains run Sydney Central ⇔ Olympic Park for special events (such as the
    Sydney Royal Easter Show). Check NSW Transport - events.
    During engineering work west of Flemington, train services may run Sydney Central ⇔ Olympic Park, for connections with rail replacement bus services at Olympic Park station. Check NSW Transport - trackwork. Report updated: March 2023

    Goobang Junction (Parkes) - Stockinbingal - Cootamundra North Junction NSW10
    When planned major engineering work or other emergency blocks the regular route between Parkes and Sydney via the Blue Mountains, Journey Beyond Rail's (formerly Great Southern Railway) Indian Pacific trains may be diverted via this 199.5 km line and the Main South line, and intermediate stops at Parkes and east thereof omitted. Such diversion applied in November 2014 and January and February 2020; information may appear on their home - Alert webpage.
    The 174.6km section between Stockinbingal and Goobang Junction is regularly used by Vintage Rail Journeys Riverina Rail Tour. Report updated: December 2022

    Griffith - Stockinbingal - Cootamundra NSW11
    When planned major engineering work blocks the regular route between Griffith and Cootamundra, NSW TrainLink's once weekly service may be diverted via this 211km line, and intermediate stops such as Narrandera omitted. Such diversion applied in 2013; information may appear on their Travel alerts webpage. The 115m 60ch section between Griffith and Stocktockinbingal is regularly used by Vintage Rail Journeys Riverina Rail Tour. Report updated: December 2022

    Sefton Park North Junction - Sefton Park South Junction NSW12
    This 0.65km North Fork section of the Main South line between Regents Park and Sefton stations carries a limited service on Mondays to Fridays only: in Sydney Trains T3 Bankstown Line timetable see trains with column note SFD. Report updated: December 2022

    Macarthur South Junction - Cabramatta - Chullora Junction West - Chullora Junction North - Flemington South Junction - Flemington - North Strathfield Junction – Concord West NSW13
    These sections of the South Sydney Freight Link and Metropolitan Goods Line route are used by Journey Beyond Rail Expeditions (formerly Great Southern Railway) Great Southern Adelaide to Brisbane service which runs January and December each year, as may TRMS-operated railtours (check TRMS tours listing for dates) when running between Paterson and the south main line. South of Sefton Park, the line runs broadly parallel to passenger routes but with grade separation over-passes to avoid conflictions. At North Strathfield, southbound trains use a dive-under but northbound trains use a ground level connection there. See schematic plan. Report updated: March 2024

    Turrella - Wolli Creek Junction NSW14
    This 1.35km link between the Illawarra Local lines and the East Hills line is used by NSW TrainLink services between Central and the Main South line, and trains on Sydney Trains Table T8 calling at Sydenham and Redfern instead of running via the airport stations. Reported: December 2022

    Dubbo – Binnaway – Gap (Werris Creek) NSW15
    This 108m 30ch route is regularly used by Vintage Rail Journeys Golden West Rail Tour. Reported: December 2022.

    Wallerawang - Rylstone NSW16
    This 85.3km section of the Gulgong and Gwabegar line is regularly used by Vintage Rail Journeys Golden West Rail Tour. Reported: December 2022.

    Hunter Valley Steamfest NSW17
    Each April (2024 dates: 13-14 April 2024; 2025 dates: 12-13 April 2025) the Steamfest includes steam train and vintage railmotor trips from Maitland. Many of these are over regular passenger routes, but a limited number of trips cover routes not in regular passenger use.

  • Warabrook crossovers - Hanbury Dive - Scholey Street junction - Waratah arrival road - Morandoo loop - Port Waratah No. 9 departure road - Waratah departure road - Hanbury Dive - Warabrook crossovers (13.4 km) (2023 and 2024)
  • Camberwell junction - Camberwell balloon loop via coal loaders - Camberwell junction (4.3 km) (2023)
  • Sandgate (west) crossovers - under Sandgate flyover - Kooragang balloon loop - Sandgate (west) crossovers (2024)
  • Whittingham junction - Saxonvale junction (although shown as Mount Thorley these trips only run to Sxonvale junction) (2024)
  • Report updated: March 2024


    [Brisbane] Mayne or Bowen Hills – Exhibition – Roma Street station or Roma Street south junction QLD1
    The Exhibition (or Normanby) line has triangular junctions at both ends.
    Queensland Rail Travel (country) services to the north generally leave by the normal passenger route between Roma Street (platform 10) and Mayne via Central, while inbound trains use the Exhibition line between Mayne and Roma Street.
    The twice-weekly Queensland Rail Travel Westlander services (Brisbane to/from Charleville) use the Exhibition line between Bowen Hills and Roma Street south junction.
    The Exhibition line and Exhibition station are used for special services in conjunction with the Royal Queensland Show (known as Ekka), held at the RNA Showgrounds early each August (2024 dates: 10 to 18 August) and other events as locally advertised; the basic service is usually an anti-clockwise circuit, calling Roma Street, Central, Fortitude Valley, Exhibition, Roma Street.
    This line is used when major engineering works blocks the route via Central. Such diversions should appear on Translink service updates.
    A section of the line through Exhibition station will become part of the Cross River Rail line, due to open in 2025. The impact of construction work and of the eventual suburban services on the use of the Exhibition line by Traveltrain services is not known. Report updated: March 2024

    Yeerongpilly – Tennyson – Corinda QLD2
    This link line between the Gold Coast and Ipswich lines is used when major engineering works blocks either the section between Roma Street and Yeerongpilly or that between Roma Street and Corinda to enable trains to maintain a through service by using the alternative route between Roma Street and this link line. Such diversions (which applied in November and December 2022, April and May 2023, January 2024) should appear on Translink service updates. Report updated: January 2024

    Brisbane Steam Train Sunday QLD3
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Rocklands triangle QLD4
    The Central Line diverges from the North Coast Line some 10km south of Rockhampton, at Rocklands triangular junction of which the North Coast Line forms one leg. To maintain the forward- facing formation, the Spirit of the Outback [Brisbane to/from Longreach] train runs head-on into Rockhampton station, performs its station work and changes train locos. A shunt loco is attached rear and the train drawn back to the apex of Rocklands triangle by which it entered, the shunt loco removed and the train reverses again. Thus, the Longreach-bound Spirit covers the north- south (North Coast Line) and south-west legs of the triangle, while the Brisbane-bound train covers the north-west and south-west legs. Report updated: August 2014

    Toowoomba triangle QLD5
    Toowoomba station is at the south apex of a triangle where the Main (from Brisbane), Southern and Western Lines converge. To maintain the forward-facing formation, The Westlander [Brisbane to/from Charleville] train runs head-on into Toowoomba station. Having performed its station work, it propels back to the apex of the triangle by which it entered and reverses. Thus, the Charleville-bound Westlander covers the east-station and east-west (avoiding line) legs of the triangle, while the Brisbane- bound train covers the west-station and east-west (avoiding line) legs. Report updated: August 2014

    Toowoomba – Wyreema - Clifton – Hendon – Warwick – Stanthorpe – Wallangarra QLD6
    The 196 km south of Toowoomba are without regular passenger service, while the 103 km south of Warwick have no regular freight traffic either.
    The Australian Railway Historical Society's Queensland Division (trading as Sunshine Express) occasionally operate weekend tours from Brisbane to Wallangarra as advertised. These trips are suspended until further notice.
    The Southern Downs Steam Railway operate excursions from Warwick or Toowoomba to Wyreema, Clifton, Hendon, Stanthorpe or Wallangarra as advertised. Report updated: August 2021

    Yarongmulu – Laidley QLD7
    The two tracks used by the Brisbane - Charleville Westlander trains are significantly separated over much of this 5.3 km section. Report updated: August 2021

    Croydon turning triangle QLD8
    The weekly in-bound Gulflander train on Wednesdays turns on the triangle immediately after arrival. Reported: November 2010

    Forsayth turning triangle QLD9
    The weekly in-bound Savannahlander train on Thursdays turns on the triangle immediately after arrival. Reported: November 2010

    Ipswich (Workshops branch junction) – Ipswich Workshops Rail Museum QLD10
    This 1.5km branch provides access to the Workshops Rail Museum. Used by Grandchester Express and Christmas Express excursions from The Workshops Rail Museum as advertised. These trips are suspended until further notice. The Australian Railway Historical Society's Queensland Division (trading as Sunshine Express) occasionally operate tours from here as advertised. Report updated: March 2024

    Victoria Sugar Mill, Ingham QLD11
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn.

    Queens Park, Maryborough QLD12
    QR's Maryborough Wharf Extension line runs through Queens Park and is used by Maryborough City Whistle Stop Inc. for trips over the 1km section between Sussex Street level crossing and Kent Street (all passenger joining/alighting at Macalister station off Wharf Street), on the mornings of Thursdays and of the last Sundays of the month. Advertising variously implies that some or all trips extend a further 0.6km alongside Kent Street to Tiger Street (a.k.a. Granville bridge) but that has not been the case for some time. Reported: December 2022

    South Australia

    This series of "SA" entries should not be confused with that for Saudia Arabia, below.

    Adelaide: Rundle Mall - Festival Plaza SA1
    This short northwards branch of the Glenelg tram line operates only at weekends and for special events at Adelaide Oval. Report updated: May 2022

    Port Augusta - Woolshed Flat [ - Quorn] SA2
    Of the 3ft 6in gauge Pichi Richi Railway, the westernmost 23.5km section beyond Woolshed Flat operates only on approximately alternate Saturdays, as advertised. Reported: July 2023

    South Australia and Victoria

    The governments of Victoria and South Australia are paying subsidies to keep Journey Beyond Rail Expeditions (formerly Great Southern Railway) twice-weekly The Overland running on the standard gauge route between Adelaide and Melbourne until 2027. Report updated: February 2024


    Newport, Altona Junction – Laverton Junction VIC1
    Metro Trains suburban trains booked to call intermediately between Newport and Laverton use the single track Altona link line via Westona, but trains not booked to call intermediately use the double track main line via Paisley (closed station). Report updated: December 2022

    Newmarket – Showgrounds – Flemington Racecourse VIC2
    This 2.25km branch is used by special Metro Trains services Melbourne Southern Cross ⇔ Flemington Racecourse for race meetings and other events. For dates of forthcoming events see Flemington Racecourse wesbite. Services for race meetings normally run from/to Southern Cross (calling at North Melbourne when advertised); details from the Metlink web site a few days before the event. From inbound trains, it may not be possible to exit the station without paying an event admission fee (although an immediate return by an advertised train should be practicable). However, by walking from 57 tram route at the Melbourne Showgrounds/Union Road stop 33 (ca. 20 mins via Langs Road and Leonard Crescent to The Hill Gate entrance) passengers should be able to access afternoon return trains without incurring such fee. The branch is also used - as advertised - for events at Showgrounds (but these trains do not cover the final 0.8km of the branch). These services may also use the Broadmeadows Suburban Lines (see VIC3) between Southern Cross station and Kensington.
    When major engineering work calls for bus substitution in the Melbourne outer western suburbs such replacement services may use Flemington as their inner terminal, with linking rail service over this branch - see the PTV service alterations website. Report updated: May 2023

    North Melbourne – Kensington (via Broadmeadows Suburban Lines flyover) VIC3
    This 1.8km route is an alternative to the normal (East Suburban Lines route), is only accessible from platforms 13-16 at Southern Cross station and 5/6 at North Melbourne. Usage can be found in V/Line Passenger Schedules - North Eastern Region Goulburn Valley (broad gauge) train pages for their trains; routing is denoted by column note BS at North Melbourne (Down) / Kensington (Up).
    Services: 1608 SuO Shepparton - Southern Cross (train 8368) and 0617 SO Seymour - Southern Cross (train 8304).
    Inbound trains using this route also use the North Melbourne Flyover if using one of the lower numbered platforms at Southern Cross. This route may also be used by trains in VIC2. Report updated: May 2023

    Melbourne : Flinders Street – Southern Cross via Through Suburban Lines viaduct VIC4
    Following a noticeably different alignment - swinging closer to the Yarra River than the four track City Loop viaduct - is a two-track viaduct, carrying the Through Suburban Lines. These tracks are used by V/Line Gippsland line services and Metro Trains services between the Frankston and Newport lines, which use the higher numbered platforms at Flinders Street and Southern Cross. Report updated: December 2022

    Bungaree loop VIC5
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn. The original north track was taken out of service from 28 December 2020 - only the newer, shorter track remains in use.

    Newport Workshops – Newport VIC6
    Vintage Rail Travel (707 Operations Inc.), Diesel Electric Rail Motor Preservation Association of Victoria and Steamrail Victoria use this 0.6km branch to access their rolling stock stabling points at the Workshops but tours seem no longer to be advertised there. It may be possible to join the empty stock from the Workshops (Shea Street) by prior arrangement only. Report updated: August 2022

    Newport – Brooklyn Junction – Sunshine VIC7
    The dual gauge, reversible east track of the 4.6km section between Newport and Brooklyn Junction is used by Journey Beyond Rail Expeditions (formerly Great Southern Railway) trains shown in entry VIC8; there is no regular broad gauge passenger service over that section. For layout see schematic plans, pages 53 and 51. The section (broad gauge only) between Brooklyn Junction and Sunshine has no regular passenger service. Report updated: May 2023

    Werribee - Manor Junction VIC8
    This 7.7km section of the broad gauge Melbourne - Geelong line has no regular passenger service (apart from occasional empty stock moves) as all V/Line regular trains run via Deer Park and Wyndham Vale. However, the parallel standard (not mixed) gauge track (see schematic plan) is used by Journey Beyond Rail Expeditions (formerly Great Southern Railway) twice-weekly The Overland and their Great Southern Adelaide to Brisbane service which runs January and December each year. Report updated: May 2023

    Melbourne Southern Cross - Sunshine VIC9
    The 14km section of line has three distinct but broadly parallel routes, segregating passenger traffic types:

  • broad gauge electrified Main Suburban Lines: Metro Trains services with Sunbury (this is principally the "original" route over this section)
  • broad gauge non-electrified Regional Rail Lines: V/Line services with Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong and beyond. Trains using this route also use the Spion Kop - Flyover Junction link (near South Kensington) and the North Melbourne Flyover if using one of the lower numbered platforms at Southern Cross and shown with a "Flyover Junction" timing in V/Line Passenger Schedules - Western, Northern, and South Western Region pages, respectively.
  • standard gauge line: V/Line and NSW TrainLink services with Albury (and, east of Tottenham Junction, Journey Beyond Rail Expeditions (formerly Great Southern Railway) twice-weekly The Overland with Adelaide). These all use the North Melbourne Flyover. V/Line Passenger Schedules - NESG pages.
  • The latter two "routes" derive from former goods lines, route widenings, and modern flyovers. Report updated: May 2023

    Melbourne City Loop VIC10
    Four independent but parallel, reversibly signalled, single track tunnels (Clifton Hill & City Circle loop, platform 1; Caulfield loop, platform 2; Northern loop, platform 3; Burnley loop, platform 4 - platforms shown for the three tunnel stations) comprise the tunnel section of the loop, running parallel between Flagstaff and Parliament. Only the Clifton Hill & City Circle loop has a triangular junction at one end (its east end) and so it is the only one that can function also as a continuous circle when required. This facility - and thus its curve from Parliament to Flinders Street - has no regular service, but has occasionally been used during blockage of the other tunnels. The Northern loop also runs between Parliament and Flinders Street, but - lacking a triangular junction at either end - is unable to function as a circular route. Report updated: December 2022

    Tottenham Junction, west leg VIC11
    The west leg of the triangular Tottenham Junction is used by Journey Beyond Rail Expeditions (formerly Great Southern Railway) Great Southern Adelaide to Brisbane service which runs January and December each year, from December 2021. Note that passengers may not be on the train when the Brisbane to Adelaide journey uses this curve. For layout see schematic plans, page 51. Report updated: May 2023

    [Belgrave - ] Lakeside - Gembrook VIC12
    Of the 2ft 6in gauge Puffing Billy Railway, the easternmost 6½ miles section beyond Lakeside operates only on Sundays (and occasional Saturdays and school holidays, as advertised). Reported: December 2022

    Western Australia

    Whiteman Park : Mussel Pool – Mussel Pool Tram Workshop WA1
    Beyond the public running section of the Whiteman Park Heritage Tramway in Whiteman Park, WA the track extends a couple of hundred metres to the workshop and depot ("car barn"). On the fourth Sunday of the month during Autumn [March, April, May] and Spring [September, October, November] conducted tours of the workshop are available, leaving Whiteman Village by tram between 1100 and 1530. See Perth Electric Tramway Society website. Report updated: December 2022
    ¶ The park is also home to the Bennett Brook Railway (2ft gauge) which also serves Mussel Pool.

    Perth - Leederville WA2
    Most Transperth Trains' services on the Joondalup line (which actually extends to Butler) use the Perth Underground station. A link to the surface platforms at Perth station is available by crossovers where the Joondalup and Fremantle lines briefly run parallel at surface level alongside Roe Street, just west of Perth station; the link is used by infrequent trains identified by note P in the Joondalup timetable. The only such train is 0905 Mondays to Fridays Whitfords - Perth. Report updated: May 2023

    Clarkson - Butler WA3
    The tracks used by the inbound and outbound Transperth Trains' Joondalup Line trains are separated for some 2km around the Nowergup maintenace facility. Reported: September 2017


    Battambang - Poipet KH1
    Regular passenger service over this 111km section of the line between Phnom Penh and the Thai frontier at Poipet has been suspended since the introduction of Coivd-19 restrictions. Reports that, at public holiday times, the daily Phnom Penh ↔ Battambang railcar service is replaced by a loco hauled train to/from Poipet or that a once weekly train operates are unfounded. Plans to restore regular services are still awaiting resolution of trans-border issues. Report updated: September 2023


    Although VIA Rail's website does give tabulated schedules, the tables produced by Rail Passengers' Association may be found more "user friendly". VIA Rail publish a consolidated 'Travel Advisory' warning of temporary service changes which might imply diversions/detours. It is necessary to consult their journey planner for the date(s) in question to study timing and/or stop pattern changes which might be relevant.


    Edmonton West Junction wye AB1

    VIA trains reverse into their station (which is on a short dead-ended spur) from the wye at West Junction, and depart using the same leg of the wye. Thus westbound trains use the west leg and eastbound train the east leg. Reported: June 2020

    See BC7 and BC8 under British Columbia

    British Columbia

    Coho (CN) / Nepa (CP) (near Basque) – Page (near Matsqui) BC1
    Over this section, eastbound passenger trains use CP's Mission, Cascade and Thompson subdivisions (155.1 miles) while westbound trains use the CN's Ashcroft and Yale subdivisions (156.2 miles). This applies equally to VIA and Rocky Mountaineer trains. Report updated: December 2022

    Lovell – Minaret BC2
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    D’Arcy – Seton Portage – Lillooet BC3
    The Kaoham Shuttle operates a daily round trip Seton Portage ⇔ Lillooet, with extensions if required (by advance booking only) between D'Arcy and Seton Portage. D'Arcy - Lillooet is 56km; a round trip Lillooet - Seton Portage is possible on Fridays only. The archived shuttle timetable may not be up to date so check locally via the Lillooet website. This route is also traversed by Rocky Mountaineer trains Jasper, AB ⇔ Whistler, BC (see BC8). Report updatded: May 2022

    Vancouver BC4
    VIA train 1 inbound from Toronto uses the wye (CN Junction - CN Main Yard - Burrard Inlet Junction [- Vancouver Pacific Central station]) to turn train prior to arrival at Vancouver; VIA train 2 outbound runs direct [Vancouver Pacific Central station -] Burrard Inlet Junction - CN Junction. Rocky Mountaineer train 103 inbound from Jasper/Banff runs direct CN Junction - CN Main Yard west end, then setting back into their Cottrell Street station; loaded Rocky Mountaineer train 104 outbound for Jasper/Banff draws forward from their Cottrell Street station to CN Main Yard west end, then uses the wye (CN Main Yard - Burrard Inlet Junction - CN Junction) to turn the train and depart. Report updated: December 2022

    Charles – Tete Jaune – Redpass BC5
    Trains usually work anti-clockwise - see sketch of the area. For example, eastbound VIA train 2 and Rocky Mountaineer train 104 from Vancouver use CN's Albreda subdivision (27.9 miles) while their westbound equivalents use CN's Robson subdivision (29.8 miles). Similarly for VIA and RM trains between Jasper and the Prince George line, although the 20.2 mile section of the Robson subdivision between Taverna and Redpass may be used in both directions by such trains. Report updated: December 2022

    Kamloops BC6
    VIA trains use the CN main line through Kamloops North (formerly Kamloops Junction) - in effect, the north-west arm of the wye there. Rocky Mountaineer trains use the following routes:
    Vancouver - Kamloops: CN main line, south-west leg of wye at Kamloops North and branch to Kamloops CN Lorne St station;
    Jasper - Kamloops: CN main line, north-south leg of wye at Kamloops North and branch to Kamloops CN Lorne St station;
    Banff - Kamloops: CP main line to CP/CN Junction and branch to Kamloops CN Lorne St station.
    Kamloops Heritage Railway would use Kamloops CN Lorne St station and the branch to Kamloops North for its Spirit of Kamloops trips but these are suspended until further notice. Note that there is no regular passenger service on the CP main line between Kamloops CP/CN Junction and Nepa (near Basque). Report updated: December 2022

    Royal Canadian Pacific BC7
    This inclusive tour train - based at Calgary - covers, on an occasional basis, a number of Canadian Pacific lines in western Canada (principally western Albert and British Columbia) not used by other passenger service. Publicly advertised journeys for individuals are advertised on a limited basis. Report updated: December 2022

    Rocky Mountaineer BC8
    These inclusive tour trains cover on a regular, seasonal basis the following lines (also into Alberta) not used by other passenger service: Kamloops, West Junction (CN) and Kamloops North (a.k.a. Junction or VIA) station - Kamloops Lorne Street (CN) station - Kamloops CN/CP Junction - Connaught tunnel - Banff, AB; Prince George, CN/ex-BCR junction - Pemberton/Whistler - Lillooet (no freight traffic over this long section - see this press report); D'Arcy - North Vancouver. On the Kamloops - Banff route, the following sections of line observe directional running, with eastbound and westbound routes following noticeably separate alignments: in British Columbia: Notch Hill - Tappen (Shuswap) (8.9 miles); Tum Tum - Begbie (4.6 miles); in Alberta: Divide - Lake Louise (5.3 miles). Pasenger trains generally (but not invariably) follow the directional running (except that trains calling at Lake Louise in either direction have to use the eastbound track). Although Ross Peak - Fraine is also "directional", passenger trains in both directions normally use the Connaught Tunnel, not the longer Mount MacDonald Tunnel. Report updated: May 2022

    Squamish - Squamish Terminals branch BC9
    West Coast Railway Association operate pre-Christmas excursions from their Squamish West Coast Railway Heritage Park via the Canadian National (former Pacific Great Eastern/BCRail) line. Some use the former PGE line northwards, but others go southwards, down the branch towards Squamish Terminals ("the shipping port"). Report updated: December 2023

    Fraser balloon loop BC10
    White Pass & Yukon Route trains turning back at Fraser use a balloon loop to return to Skagway; trains to Bennett and Carcross do not. Reported: April 2020

    White Pass summit balloon loop BC11
    White Pass & Yukon Route trains to the summit only use a balloon loop at 21.4 mile post to return to Skagway; trains to Fraser and beyond do not. The balloon length is ca.3000 feet = ca.0.6 mile. The summit itself is at the border - the new balloon is just inside British Columbia. Reported: April 2020

    Fruitvale - Columbia Corner BC12
    Nelson & Ft.Sheppard Railway operate passenger shuttles twice yearly (Whit Saturday (2023: 27 May) and a Saturday in December (2022: 10 December)) Fruitvale ⇔ Columbia Gardens (9.5 miles) on this portion of the former Great Northern Railway's Nelson line, as advised on their Facebook page. Report updated: July 2023


    Thompson MB1
    VIA trains 690 to 693 Winnipeg or The Pas ⇔ Churchill use the wye to turn train at Thompson - southbound trains between arrival and departure (with through passengers aboard), northbound trains after departure. Thompson is at the end of a 30.5 mile branch. Report updated: December 2022

    Thompson Junction MB2
    VIA trains 690 to 693 Winnipeg or The Pas ⇔ Churchill use the north and south legs of the wye to reach Thompson and so do not use the north-south main leg. Report updated: December 2022

    Churchill MB3
    VIA trains from the south use the wye before arrival in Churchill. Report updated: December 2022

    The Pas, Flin Flon Junction - Pukatawagan MB4
    This 251 km section of the Lynn Lake line continues to appear on VIA's network map but not in their timetable. Passenger service is now operated by Keewatin Railway Co., on a twice weekly schedule. There is no overnight accommodation at Pukatawagan. Report updated: May 2023

    New Brunswick

    McAdam – St.Stephen NB1
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Saint John area NB2
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Newfoundland and Labrador

    See QC6 under Québec


    Hearst : wye at junction between former Algoma Central and Ontario Northland lines ON1
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    London Junction, wye ON2
    Entry deleted - no longer used in passenger service

    Niagara Falls : wye at Clifton ON3
    Entry deleted - no longer used in passenger service

    [Toronto] Snider – Doncaster ON4
    VIA train 1 outbound to Vancouver uses this 5.2 mile section of the Canadian National York Subdivision - also the northwest quadrants at the junctions at both Snider and Doncaster - whereas the inbound train 2 runs direct between Doncaster and Toronto Union station via the Bala Subdivision.
    (Notes: This routing is to turn the train which cannot readily be turned elsewhere in the Toronto area during its overnight layover. The section of train 1's route along the Newmarket sub-division between Toronto Union station and Snider (north junction) is not included here as it is also traversed by GO Transit "Barrie" commuter trains). When engineering work blocks the Newmarket sub-division south of Snider (as in August 2021), train 1 instead backs direct to Doncaster and turns (wyes) on the angles there: look for bus substitution of GO Transit Barrie services. Report updated: August 2021

    Boyne/Reynolds (near Parry Sound) – St. Cloud (near Sudbury) ON5
    Over this section, eastbound VIA train 2 uses CN's Bala subdivision (101.3 miles) while westbound VIA train 1 uses CP's Parry Sound subdivision (92.6 miles) - train 1 crosses from CN Boyne (South Parry) (MP 146.1) to CP Reynolds (MP 20.1) and back again from CP St.Cloud (MP 112.7) to CN St.Cloud (MP 247.4). Report updated: July 2018

    Toronto trams (streetcars) ON6
    TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) has a policy of permitting passengers on streetcars at virtually all times that they are on the street (unless the vehicle has a maintenance issue), resulting in a variety of obscure variants for all routes, when streetcars are on their way to or from carhouses (depots) (especially as some routes do not pass close to any carhouse).
    The following tram routes, or sections thereof, operate limited service:

  • 506: Coxwell Avenue between Queen Street and Gerrard Street when going into or out of service
  • 512: Bathurst Street between Bloor Street (Bathhurst station) and St Clair Avenue - trips scheduled to start or end at St Clair West station going into or out of service to and from either Leslie Barns or Roncesvalles carhouses
  • various routes: Leslie Barns carhouse branch (to/from Queen Street) when going into or out of service
  • Various sections of route have no regular service but are used as diversionary routes (lines coloured black on network plan); planned diversions are shown on TTC Service Advisories web page. Report updated: May 2023

    [Port Stanley - ] Whytes Park - Parkside - St. Thomas Talbot Street ON7
    Port Stanley Terminal Rail normally operate 6.8km of the former London and Port Stanley Railway from Port Stanley to Whytes Park. On Saturday mornings in July and August, as advertised, the Extended Parkside Trip extends to St. Thomas southern city limits at Parkside school (3.8km beyond Whytes). Occasionally - usually at the end of May/beginning of June (2024 date: 8 June) - the Rare Mileage Trip extends to St.Thomas Talbot Street (6.4km beyond Whytes). Report updated: February 2024

    Sault Ste.Marie - Steelton Yard ON9
    Entry deleted - used by all remaining passenger trains

    Georgetown (Silver) - Burlington Junction ON10
    When planned major engineering work blocks the regular route between Toronto and Aldershot, some VIA trains may be diverted via this 25.4 mile section of the Canadian National Halton Subdivision, and the intermediate stop at Oakville omitted. Such weekend diversions applied in November 2013 and 2015, May 2021, July, September and October 2023, and March 2024 but are unlikely to apply often. GO Transit services Toronto ⇔ Aldershot or beyond are more likely to be replaced by bus - look for suspension of GO Transit Lakeshore West services. Report updated: March 2024

    Snider - Halwest ON11
    When planned major engineering work blocks the regular route between Toronto and Brampton, some VIA trains may be diverted via this 11.1 mile Canadian National line (part York subdivision, part Halton subdivision), and the intermediate stop at Malton omitted. Such diversions applied during 2014 and June 2021 but are unlikely to apply often. The section of route between Toronto Union station and Snider is not included here as it is also traversed by GO Transit Barrie commuter trains. The diversions use the connecting track in the southwest quadrant at Snider (i.e. not the same connection as used by train 1 under ON4 above). Report updated: June 2021

    Hamilton ON12
    The GO Transit operation Aldershot ⇔ Hamilton is not "obscure", but the significance of two separate terminii in Hamilton, on routes diverging at Hamilton Junction, may be overlooked (take particular care to distinguish trains from buses in the GO timetables):

  • West Harbour: serving a terminal station on a track alongside the CN Grimsby sub-division (the latter is used by GO Transit's weekday round trip from Niagara Falls, ON (by a double reversal at West Harbour) and by VIA/Amtrak's Maple Leaf (trains 97-64/63-98) when run between Toronto and New York which do not serve West Harbour)
  • Hamilton GO Centre: serving a station on the CP (former Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo) Hamilton sub-division.
  • Report updated: February 2022

    Obico - Canpa ON13
    When planned major engineering work blocks the regular route between Toronto and Long, GO Transit Lakeshore West and VIA trains may be diverted via this 2.6 mile Canadian Pacific Canpa Subdivision, and the intermediate stops at Exhibition and Mimico omitted. Such diversions applied in October, November and December 2018 but are unlikely to apply often. Look for GO Transit Lakeshore East service changes. The section of route between Toronto Union station and Obico is not included here as it is also traversed by GO Transit commuter trains. Reported: September 2018

    Doncaster - Pickering ON14
    When planned major engineering work blocks the regular route between Toronto and Pickering, VIA trains may be diverted via this 18.4 mile section of the Canadian National York subdivision using the southwest or northwest quadrant at Doncaster. Such diversions applied in November 2021, April and September 2022, and April 2024 but are unlikely to apply often. Look for suspension of GO Transit Lakeshore East services but beware that VIA may operate normal route by single line working during some such occupations so look particularly for deletion of Guildwood stops on VIA services. Report updated: March 2024

    [Waterloo - ] Elmira - towards end of line ON15
    The Waterloo Central Railway operate regular excursions over Canadian National (former Grand Trunk) as advertised between Waterloo and Elmira. For the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival, held on the first Saturday each April, trains continue several hundred yards further north towards the end of the branch.
    Reported: April 2024


    Montréal, Ballantyne – Taschereau Yard – Ahuntsic, CP Lebeau (near Jonction de l'Est) QC1
    VIA trains Montréal Centrale ⇔ northern Québec use this circuitous (5 miles) route as diesel haulage was not practicable through the more direct route through Mont Royal tunnel. The tunnel route closed to all heavy rail from 11 May 2020 for conversion to light-rail so most commuter trains on the Mascouche line (exo15) start/terminate at Ahuntsic. Three Monday to Friday trains in each direction, however, do extend to/from Montréal Centrale, by the same route as the VIA trains: check current schedule (you may need to use a VPN set to America). All exo15 trains will divert to a new Côte de Liesse station on the REM line when the station opens later in 2024, leaving only the VIA trains on line QC1. Note that this is not the same route as exo12. Report updated: February 2024

    [Montréal] Pointe St.Charles (Hibernia) – Pont Victoria (via Connecting Tracks) QC2
    This line, avoiding the throat of Montréal Central station, is used by trains which reverse either on arriving or departing Montréal. Depending on direction, trains reverse at either Pointe St.Charles (Hibernia) or Pont Victoria. Trains performing this manoeuvre are:

  • VIA through trains Québec ⇔ Ottawa in both directions, which use the curve before or - more usually - after departure from Montréal Central (those taking at least 34 mins to Dorval or 23 mins to St.Lambert in the tabulated "Québec City services" schedules). Other VIA trains with extended running time Dorval ⇔ Montréal Central may use the curve. Note that, under VIA Rail's Fleet Replacement Program (sic), the full introduction of Siemens Venture bi-directional trains should eliminate the need for such back-up moves - but it is not clear whether through passengers or the new reservation system can be expected to cope with train direction changing mid-route.
  • VIA 15/17 inbound from Halifax and Gaspé formerly made this manoeuvre but until (if ever...) a Gaspé portion is restored, train 15 from Halifax - being shorter - no longer needs to do so; the outbound train 14 has extended time "to" St.Lambert but that is only because the train needs to make a "double stop" at St.Lambert on account of the short platform there.
  • Amtrak 69 inbound from New York used to perform this manoeuvre but is no longer allowed extra running time from St. Lambert to Central (see schedule). Report updated: November 2023

    St.Constant – Canadian Railway Museum (Barrington platform), St.Constant/Delson QC3
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Havre St.Pierre – Tio QC4
    The Chemin de Fer Romaine Rivière (Québec Iron & Titanium Corporation) operate an unadvertised workers' service at shift change-over times over their 26.17 mile line. The railway does not provide facilities for casual passengers or railfans. Reported: August 2011

    Port Cartier – Love [ – Mont Wright] QC5
    The ArcelorMittal Mines Canada Railway (former Chemin de Fer Cartier) operate a once weekly unadvertised workers' service over this line conveying maintenance of way (permanent way) staff. This used to be out Wednesday evenings, return Thursday afternoons, between Port Cartier and Love only (170 miles); current information would be welcomed. The railway does not provide facilities for casual passengers or railfans. Report updated: September 2012

    Sept Iles – Schefferville [Labrador] QC6
    Tshiuetin Rail Transportation operate passenger trains (normally twice weekly) over the 225.3 miles of Québec North Shore & Labrador Railway between Sept Iles and Emeril Junction [Labrador] and the 132.3 miles of their own line thence to Schefferville. The southbound train usually uses the wye at Sept Iles prior to arrival, to turn the train (at Schefferville the train is wyed between trips). This is the only publicly-accessible passenger service in this quarter of Québec and Labrador. Report updated: June 2022

    Matapédia - Gaspé QC7
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Bromont - Magog - Sherbrooke QC8
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Vaudreuil - Hudson QC9
    This 5 mile section of the exo11 commuter line has only three Monday to Friday trips each way (towards city in the morning, return in evening) - see current schedule (you may need to use a VPN set to America). An afternoon trip by train to Hudson, returning by bus, is possible - use the exo journey planner. Report updated: February 2024

    Senneterre - Amos QC10
    Ville de Senneterre sponsor occasional tourist excursions Senneterre - Amos (43.3 mi), mainly on summer Saturdays, over CN (former National Transcontinental Railway), utilising VIA train during layover. These tend to be fully booked well in advance - bookings only by telephone (see their web page under "Excursions ferroviaires Senneterre-Amos"). No dates were advertised for 2023. Report updated: September 2023

    Arvida - Grande-Baie QC11
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Hays - Barrington, IPR Junction [ - Des Bouleaux] QC12
    Canadian Railway Museum - exporail operate a weekend (Saturdays and Sundays - dates as advertised, May to September) diesel service Barrington ⇔ Des Bouleaux (shown as 'Delson station' on their site plan), over a short (ca. 1 mile) section of former CPR Candiac spur and a newer build diversion at the Des Bouleaux end. In normal circumstances, to avoid crossing the internal tramway service route in public running, public service trains use a platform at Barrington outside the tram route. Thus, the Hays - IPR Junction section (ca. ¼ mile) is used only by empty stock at beginning and end of service when, subject to the agreement of the conductor, it may be possible to ride this section. However, during October and for Christmas 2023, also whenever the tramway is not running, the diesel service usually runs instead the whole length from Hays via Barrington to Des Bouleaux in public service (but does not use the short section from IPR Junction to the normal Barrington platform). Report updated: October 2023

    Victoria Bridge/Pont Victoria QC13
    The bridge over the St. Lawrence Seaway St.Lambert lock - between Montréal Central and Saint-Lambert - has two spans, at opposite ends of the lock. Trains (VIA, Amtrak and commuter exo3) normally use the northern span, but will instead use the southern span when required by shipping movements in the seaway lock below. Reported: June 2022

    Montréal Ballantyne - St. Luc Jn QC14
    When planned major engineering work blocks the flat crossing of the exo11 commuter line just west of Montréal West, trains may be diverted via the 2.1 mile St Luc Branch between Ballantyne and St Luc Jn. Such diversions applied in December 2023 but are unlikely to apply often. Look for alteration to exo11 service. As an alternative, the 1.9 mile Farnham Connection between Wentworth and North Jn may be used instead, if traffic dictates. Reported: November 2023


    Pangman - Ogema [ - Horizon] SK1
    Southern Prairie Railway normally operate tourist trains on former CP Assiniboia subdivision between Ogema and Horizon (15.4 mi). However, the Pangman Open Air Market Train and Kids' Fun Train run Ogema - Pangman (14.2 mi) instead on Saturday mornings, when advertised. Report updated: May 2023


    Ferrocarril de Antofagasta (FCAB) CL1
    It is reported that FCAB operate special trains three or four times a year from Antofagasta, Calama and Chuqicamata, for employees or their families. Any information about such services which may operate on any regular basis would be welcomed by the compiler. Reported: January 2012

    [Chinchorro (Arica) - ] Poconchile - Central (FCALP) CL2
    This 33km extension (Tren de Las Estrellas) of the approximately twice monthly Saturday tourist service from Arica runs only on a limited number of dates each year: see EFE Trenes de Chile's tourist train webpage. Report updated: June 2021


    Limón (near APM Terminal) - Saborio
    This ca. 11km section of the Limón - Leesville line is used by about 3 or 4 chartered passenger trains a week when cruise liners call (December - March and June - August). An empty train leaves Limón to pick up cruise passengers at a road crossing near the APM Terminal. These trains are only accessible to cruise passengers, who are brought to and from the train by bus for a one-way trip, exchanging with other cruise passengers at the far end. For current scheduled calls see Limón Port's Shipping Schedule. Reported: February 2023


    Most if not all railway services are infrequent. The latest known sources of online information are:
    The Man in Seat Sixty-One for main line services, and
    the Fahrplancenter website - timetables from various dates
    The following entries are intended only to highlight services that do not run all year, or which take a different route from the norm, and are from informed sources - details of any additional entries and timetable information would be welcomed by the Compiler.

    Enlace Gas [FCC Linea Central] – Enlace Ramal Cuadra [Hershey] CU1
    Daily (except Mondays) from mid July to end of August (2023 dates: 11 July to end of August)
    75 0900 Habana Patio de Carga (Goods depot) - Playas del Este
    76 1805 Playas del Este - Habana Patio de Carga
    See this press report. Report updated: July 2023

    Guanabo – Playas del Este CU2
    This 1.9km branch is served only by trains shown in entry CU1. Other services the western section of the Hershey Railway remain suspended on account of 2017 hurricane damage, so there is no rail alternative to reach Guanabo.Report updated: July 2023

    Habana La Coubre CU3
    Havana's Central station and its ca. 1km High Line approach are largely closed while the station building undergoes refurbishment. Although the daily long distance arrival uses the Elevados (viaduct) line and platform 2 of Central station, work is still far from complete so departing long distance services are using a low level platform at La Coubre station (which is restricted to one train at a time), and a ground level route which runs directly underneath a large part of the metal High Line viaduct. Report updated: February 2023


    Note: The following entries are based on reports of travel as long ago as 2007 which appeared in Branch Line News in June 2016 - BLS members can find the article in e-BLNI 1258. Even the usually helpful Fahrplancenter site has failed to come up with any useful information about Egyptian National Railways. More recent reports of whether or not the following services still operate would be welcomed....

    Alexandria avoiding line: Abis - Murharram Bey EG1
    This ca. 2km link was used in summer only (mid June - mid September) by direct daily daytime trains Cairo - Mersa Matruh and a thrice weekly sleeper.

    Tanta avoiding line EG2
    This is a long curve connecting the line from Muhallet Ruh with the Cairo main line. Most trains reversed at Tanta but one daily train ran southbound via the curve: 0510 Kafr el Sheikh - Cairo. There was no balancing northbound working.

    Aswan EG3
    Two terminii existed - the longer distance trains, some associated with boats to Wadi Halfa, ran to the large terminus with marbled floor at El-Sadd-el-Aali. However, trains operating local services veered to the west as they approached the northern periphery of that station and called at a rather anonymous halt where the service nominally ended, although all trains continued a further 500metres to a runround loop.


    University (Racecourse north junction) – Racecourse – Fo Tan (Racecourse south junction) HK1
    On the occasions of race meetings at the Sha Tin racecourse, MTR trains call at Racecourse station, and so run via this route (ca. 2km), instead of the more usual direct line. Report updated: June 2022


    This series of "IL" entries should not be confused with those for Illinois, below.

    Lod - Rishon Le’Talyon – HaRishonim IL1
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn.

    Be'er Sheva-North/University - Dimona IL2
    Limited service - resumed 13 May 2022 - see journey planner. Reported: May 2022

    Various connecting curves IL3
    ...are used for engineering diversions, as advertised locally:
    a. Hertsliya – Bnei Brak: north ⇔ east curve north of Tel Aviv links the lines to Haifa and to Rosh Ha'Ayin-North
    b. Bet Yehoshu'a – Ra'anana West: north ⇔ east curve north of Tel Aviv links the lines to Haifa and to Hod HaSharon-Sokolov
    c. Rosh Ha'Ayin-North – Rosh Ha'Ayin-South – Teufa South - Lod: bypasses the central Tel Aviv area
    d. Petah Tikva-Segula – Rosh Ha'Ayin-South – Teufa South - Lod: bypasses the central Tel Aviv area
    Reported: May 2022


    Linstead - Spanish Town JM1
    Schooldays single round trip service for school children only (commenced 10 January 2022). Latest schedule here. Report updated: May 2022

    Old Harbour - Spanish Town JM2
    Schooldays single round trip service for school children only (commenced 10 January 2022). Latest schedule here. Report updated: May 2022


    Echigo-Yuzawa – Gala-Yuzawa JP1
    This 1.8km standard gauge branch operates only during the winter ski season, usually from mid-December to March. Services (shown in the national timetable) are classed as "Limited express" - extensions of Joetsu Shinkansen Tanigawa service of East Japan Railway Company (JR East). Reported: January 2010

    Seibu-Chichibu Station - Ohanabatake Station link lines JP2
    These two stations - on, respectively, the Seibu Railway and the Chichibu Railway, are virtually adjacent. Linking tracks are provided in both directions (see sketch). Principal uses:

  • Mondays to Fridays two trains in each direction over the "left hand turnout" in the morning and evening, between the Chichibu Railway and Hanno (via Yokose) on the Seibiu Railway;
  • Saturday and Sunday morning trains between Kagemori (Seibu Railway) and Mitsumineguchi (via Yokose) (Chichibu Railway), and returns in the afternoons, use the "right hand turnout", and reverse at Seibu-Chichibu station.
    Reported: July 2014


    Al-Mafraq - Amman – Qatraneh JO1
    The Jordanian section the 1050mm gauge Hedjaz Railway, based on Amman, has no normal regular passenger traffic, but has featured in itineraries of photographic specials to the Hedjaz Railway by various tour operators occasionally advertised in the railway enthusiast press. In addition, locally advertised excursions are run including non-religious Jordanian holidays - the Jordan Hejaz Railway website advertises that "Family trips depart on Fridays and Saturdays of every week, and on holidays" from Amman to Al-Jiza at 0900, returning from Al-Jiza at 1400. Report updated: February 2024


    Konza - Kajiado KE1
    Tata Chemicals Magadi Ltd operate a twice-weekly passenger train service Kajiado ⇔ Konza (56km) on the eastern section of the Magadi Railway. It is not clear whether or not this service is still running - the compiler would welcome reports. Report updated: May 2023

    Kajiado - Magadi KE2
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn.

    KOREA, Republic of [South Korea]

    [Gwangju – ] Geungnakgang – Gwangju-Songjeong KR1
    Geungnakgang and Gwangju stations are served by triangular access from the west. The north arm is used by services to and from Gwangju not booked to call at Gwangju-Songjeong station; the south arm is used only by four train pairs daily calling at both Gwangju and Gwangju-Songjeong (services Gwangju ⇔ Mokpo or Suncheon) and by one train pair Mokpo ⇔ Bujeon. Service at October 2013:
    1981 0655 Gwangju - Mokpo and 1982 1840 return
    1951 0625 Bujeon - Mokpo and 1954 0910 return
    1972 0610 and 1974 1852 Gwangju - Suncheon and 1971 0620 and 1973 1735 return
    Through trains Seoul ⇔ Mokpo use the third side of the triangle, serving Gwangju-Songjeong station and thus avoiding Geungnakgang and Gwangju stations. Report updated: November 2013

    Jeonui – Osong KR2
    This curve permits north - east movements at Jochiwon. Service at October 2013:
    1282 0900 Jecheon - Seoul and 1281 1805 Seoul - Jecheon. Reported: November 2013

    Angang – Seogyeongju KR3
    This curve permits east - west movements at Gyeongju. Service at October 2013:
    1042 0800 and 1044 1720 Pohang - Seoul and 1041 0935 and 1043 1605 return. Reported: November 2013

    Hayang – Bugyeongcheon KR4
    This curve permits west to north movements at Yeongcheon. Service at October 2013:
    1672 0615 and 1674 1630 Dongdaegu - Gangneung and 1671 0615 and 1673 1722 return. Reported: November 2013

    LATIN AMERICA (Central and South American countries)

    The Fahrplancenter site can be consulted; accurate up-to-date reports would be welcomed by their webmaster.


    [Antananarivo – ] Amoronakona – Moramanga MG1
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn. The tourist specials which formerly operated over this section have not run since June 2013 but a new suburban metro service will operate from a date to be announced in 2024 over the first 12km, from Soarano station (= Antananarivo) to a new station at Amoronakona. Report updated: January 2024

    [Antananarivo – ] Soanierana – Antsirabe MG2
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn. The tourist specials which formerly operated over this section have not run since June 2013.

    Moramanga – Ambila Lemaitso MG3
    For details of the two round trips weekly over this 162km section see the Madarail website. Reported: August 2023


    Apart from suburban metro operations, Mexican passenger services are very thin on the ground - usually in rural areas where road alternatives are poor. There is no centrally published timetable – and differing information is offered by accessible sources. There are also some services promoted for the tourist market. The following site can be consulted: Mexlist; accurate up-to-date reports would be welcomed by the webmaster.


    This series of "MA" entries should not be confused with those for Massachusetts, below.

    Taourirt avoiding line MA1
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Sidi Kacem avoiding line MA2
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Sidi Yahya El Gharb – Mechraa Bel Ksiri MA3
    This 27km cut-off - west of Sidi Kacem - is used (instead of the triangular junction at Sidi Kacem) by passenger trains Casa Voyageur (Casablanca) ⇔ Tanger (Tangiers) which do not call at Sidi Kacem. Reported: March 2013

    MYANMAR (Burma)

    Thahton - Myaing Ka Lay MM1
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn


    Kranzberg balloon loop NA1

    Rovos Rail cruise trains on the Windhoek ⇔ Walvis Bay sector use the Kranzberg loop at least once on both outward and return trips - to keep the observation car at the rear of the train for most daytime running and to avoid reversal at Kranzberg - as well as for the side trip Kranzberg ⇔ Tsumeb. Report updated: September 2023.

    TransNamib passenger services: Walvis Bay ⇔ Windhoek; Windhoek ⇔ Keetmanshoop; Walvis Bay and Windhoek ⇔ Oshikango NA2

    Limited TransNamib Starline passenger services resumed 9 December 2022 but apparently only at Christmas/New Year "Festive Season", as advertised (apparently only) on their Farcebook site. Windhoek portion of trains to/from Oshikango use the Kranzberg balloon loop. The section Tsumeb ⇔ Oshikango is not used by Rovos Rail and the TransNamib Oshikango services appear to turn on a triangle at Tsumeb. Reported: December 2023.


    Train Times provided a useful source of data - based on working/employee timetables - but the site has not been maintained since September 2019 following the demise of its compiler.

    South Island

    Port Chalmers (lower) – Sawyers Bay [ – Dunedin] NZ01
    The 2km branch into the docks at Port Chalmers (a section of the original Dunedin & Port Chalmers Railway) is used by Dunedin Railways specials in connection with visiting cruise liners at Dunedin, to provide ship-side train access. For current scheduled cruise calls see Port Otago's website. Report updated: May 2022

    [Dunedin – ] Pukerangi – Middlemarch NZ02
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn. Note: Dunedin Railways run only as far as Hindon on the Taieri Gorge line (26.8km from Wingatui Junction).

    Lyttelton – Christchurch, Addington West Junction NZ03
    This 14km section of the Main South Line had been used by specials to Arthur's Pass in connection with visiting cruise liners at Lyttelton, to provide ship-side train access. However, the number of visiting vessels reduced after the earthquake in 2011. While cruise calls resumed post-Covid, the port declined to say whether connecting rail service would resume - the new berth (opened 25 November 2020) is not rail connected. It seems this entry should now be deleted but any reports to the contrary would be welcomed. For current cruise scheduled calls see Lyttelton Port's Shipping Schedule → Cruise. Report updated: March 2024

    Invercargill - Wingatui [ - Dunedin - Sawyers Bay - ] Merton - Rolleston NZ04
    The Main South line between Wingatui (junction for Taieri Gorge line) and Merton is used by regular Dunedin Railways services.
    In the past, rail tours to traverse the whole line between Invercargill and Rolleston (the line north thereof has regular passenger service) have been offered by Dunedin Railways and by Marlborough Flyer: enquire of those operators for possible future such trips. Report updated: March 2024

    North Island

    Hamilton (Frankton Junction) – Te Puna – Tauranga – Mount Maunganui - Hauone NZ51
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    [Palmerston North, Milson Junction – ] Woodville – Mangatainoka NZ52
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Palmerston North, Milson Junction – Woodville – Napier – Wairoa – Muriwai – Gisborne NZ53
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Auckland, Quay Park Junction (Strand station) NZ54
    The third side of the triangle at Quay Park Junction has no regular through service but it and its associated platform are used by steam hauled excursions not scheduled to serve Britomart station and by the Northern Explorer Auckland ⇔ Wellington trains - see KiwiRail's web site. The Northern Explorer trains work only into and out of the east end of the station. When engineering work at Britomart intervenes - such as 11-17 January 2021 - local trains may use Strand instead; such diversions appear on Auckland Transport's future works webpage. Report updated: December 2020

    Newmarket (Auckland) triangle NZ55
    Where the Auckland-Newmarket Line joins the North Auckland (West) Line to Swanson is a full running triangle. All services to/from the West Line are normally booked to reverse at Newmarket station, so none uses the direct curve to the West Line. However, when engineering work at Newmarket intervenes trains may use the direct curve; such diversions appear on Auckland Transport's future works webpage. For major sports events at Eden Park, extra trains between Britomart and Kingsland use this curve when not advertised to call at Newmarket - visit Auckland Transport's events webpages and check Temporary Train Timetables. Report updated: February 2020

    Various freight lines NZ56
    Mainline Steam Heritage Trust, Steam Incorporated and Glenbrook Vintage Railway operate tours when advertised on their websites. Report updated: March 2024


    Cusco - Aguas Calientes PE1
    The 3ft gauge Ferrocarril Santa Ana line is the access to Machu Pichu (reached from Aguas Calientes). Two excursion operators are PeruRail (part of the Belmond group) and Inca Rail. Until mid 2019, rail access with central Cusco was available by a local train accessible by Peruvian residents only - see The Man in Seat 61's webpage), with all tourist trains starting from Poroy (some 8 miles away by road). However, Inca Rail resumed operation from San Pedro station in the city in May 2019. PeruRail also advertise trains starting at Ollantaytambo and Urubamba but these are 56 and 33 miles respectively from Cusco - the former on the main line, the latter on a short branch line. Reported: May 2019


    This "SA" entry should not be confused with those for South Australia, above.

    Makka Mass Rail Transit SA1
    The only line so far constructed of Mecca's planned rapid transit system is the Al Mashaaer Al Mugaddassah Metro betwen Jamarat (Mina 3) and Arafat 1 (11.2 miles) (a.k.a.Mashaaer Metro). It operates on only the days each year during the Hajj (2024 dates: 14 - 19 June). The line is only available for pilgrims to holy sites; it is illegal for non-muslims to enter Mecca. Report updated: February 2024


    Normal passenger services on the metre-gauge Dakar Bamako Ferroviaire's line (map) are limited to commuter operations by Petit Train de Banlieue/PTB.SA, Dakar ⇔ Rufisque (30km), with a weekday round trip extending to Thiès (70km). The thrice-weekly extension to Tivaouane appears to have ceased. Light rail to/from Dakar international airport operated by SN/TER shares the route as far as Diaminadio. Details from moovit [the information at the Fahrplancenter website is not up to date as the Dakar - Colobane section is out of use during construction of a new standard gauge line]. During two Muslim religious festivals, excursions - advertised locally - have, in recent years, been operated by PTB beyond their core route:

    Guinguinéo - Diourbel - Thiès - Tivaouane SN1
    During Gamou (Maouloud (Mawlid)) at Tivaoaune, excursions have operated over this section with trains to Tivaouane from Guinguinéo, plus trains from Dakar over the Thiès - Tivaouane section. Report updated: February 2021

    Guinguinéo - Diourbel - Touba and Thiès - Diourbel - Touba SN2
    During Grand Magal at Touba, excursions have operated over these sections with trains from Guinguinéo and from Dakar, to Touba. Reported: February 2018


    Jurong East connecting chord SG1
    Trains on the SMRT [Singapore Mass Rapid Transit] North South Line normally use the turn-back track at Jurong East, giving cross- platform interchange in both directions. However, using a separate link chord north of the station, trains can run through from the north to Pasir Ris and are known to have been regularly scheduled to do so in the morning peak. Unfortunately, it it no longer possible to ascertain whether this is still so from the SMRT website so reports would be welcomed. It is believed that there is no equivalent return service. Report updated: November 2016



    Rovos Rail cruise trains cover various sections of line not traversed by the countries' national passenger rail operators - consult the website. Some less obvious examples are shown herein under the respective countries.
    Shongololo has now been merged into the Rovos product range.

    Report updated: February 2024


    Cape Town docks branch ZA1

    Ceres Rail start their trips at Harbour Bridge Hotel platform, Dockrail Road, Cape Town and use 8.6km of the docks branch on their normal operations from Cape Town to Elgin; they also operate occasional day trips to Ceres (Prince Alfred Hamlet branch) and extended excursions to other destinations. Report updated: February 2024


    An online journey planner is available. A timetable dervied from the official SLR website at January 2023 can be found (by subscribers to the WRG group) at this link. Some services are suspended - as indicated where known.

    Peradeniya Junction Station avoiding line: West [Colombo end] - South [Badulla end] LK1
    Two through trains each way daily Colombo ⇔ Badulla, not timed to run via Kandy, use the avoiding line and are scheduled to stop at the station. As the operational platforms are at the Kandy (east) apex of the triangle, such trains reverse to/from South junction to reach a platform. A platform on the avoiding line itself is not in regular use. Report updated: February 2023

    [Anuradhapura - ] Mihintale Junction - Mihintale LK2
    This 13km long branch may be used by specials for the Vesak and Poson Buddhist festivals, of which the dates are linked to full moons in May/June each year. Pre-covid practice suggests that only the Poson festival (2023 date: 3 June 2023) attracted trains, although none is shown in the online journey planner at early May 2023. Prior booking is required. The railway's website may give advance details - or enquire locally. Report updated: May 2023

    Puttalam - Nooranagar LK3
    Entry deleted - has regular (albeit infrequent!) service.


    The Sudan Railways Corporation's website is inaccessible. Unfortunately, the summary of services on the Fahrplancenter website has not been up-dated since 2014; the best source of information about the Khartoum - Atbara - Wadi Halfa train appears on the The Man in Seat Sixty-One website which shows this train running every third week. For the more frequent service between Khartoum and Atbara see news reports of 2014 and 2016. Report updated: November 2019

    SYRIA (Syrian Arab Republic)

    The details below applied before the outbreak of civil war in March 2011. Any information about any current passenger operations on the narrow gauge (1050 mm) lines in Syria would be welcomed by by the compiler.

    Bosra Citadel – Gasim [– Dera'a] SY1
    This 34.2km branch has, in the past, had a through train from Damascus (Dimashq) during the period of the Bosra festival, which is held for a fortnight during September every other year. Report updated: September 2011

    Dera'a – Tell-shihab – Zeizoun SY2
    The first 25.1km of the line through the Yarmuk Gorge (which formerly extended to Haifa [IL]) are used only by charter specials. Report updated: August 2008.

    SY3 and SY4
    Entries deleted - services withdrawn

    El Hame – Ain Fije (Fijeh) SY5
    This is short (10.4 km) section of the Syrian segment of the line that formerly extended from Damascus to Beirut. On Fridays an excursion left El Hame (10 km northwest of Damascus) at 09.30 for Ain Fije (Fijeh), returning at 15.00. Reported: March 2007

    Limited short excursion service resumed in Damascus from 1 May 2015, Rabwa (Raboeh), in the west of the capital, ⇔ Dumar, to the northwest on the former Beirut line (line SY5): see news report, another report and photo. Reported: May 2015


    SRT's rail journey planner is here and their Train Tracker is here - be patient, when the red squares cease dancing, click the Union flag (and, if necessary, the 'magnifier' symbol) then the Search 'down' arrow, and then select station, train number or route to search as required. Alas, neither is fully comprehensive of all services in operation.

    Chitlada Junction – Phaya Thai TH1
    One train a day uses this curve, the third side of a triangle which links the Northern and Eastern lines: 0535 Mon to Fri Rangsit - Hua Takhe (train 376). All other trains originate/terminate in Bangkok. This train is shown as "Not in service" at May 2023 but it is not clear whether this is temporary or permanent. Report updated: May 2023

    Nam Tok – Nam Tok Sai Yok Noi TH2
    Two excursion trains per week use this 1.4km extension of the old Thailand-Burma railway: 0630 Sat and Sun Bangkok Hualamphong - Nam Tok and 1425 return (trains 909/910). Tickets are sold from 90 days ahead, on personal application only, and train may be sold out. However, the section can only be traversed if the train is formed of diesel multiple unit stock, as there are no run-round facilities at the single-line Sai Yok Noi terminus. All other trains on the route terminate at Nam Tok. For fuller details see Richard Barrow's guide books. Report updated: December 2022

    [Surat Thani –] Ban Thung Pho Junction – Khiri Ratthanikhom TH3
    This 31.8km-long line (which was intended to be a through route to Phuket, but never completed) has one return mixed-train service daily (except public holidays): 0615 Khiri Ratthanikhom - Surat Thani (train 490), returning at 1655 (train 489). Report updated: December 2022

    Nong Pla Duk Junction - Suphan Buri - Malaiman (or Malai Maen) TH4
    This 79km-long line has one return service weekly: 1640 Bangkok Hua Lamphong - Suphan Buri (train 355 on Sundays), returning at 0400 (train 356 on Mondays). The afternoon train runs on from Suphan Buri to Malaiman, a further 1500m. The station (which does not appear in any SRT timetable) is much more convenient for the town and consists of a single track with nameboard. The morning train starts from Suphan Buri, runs to Malaiman where it reverses and takes passengers, then proceeds to Bangkok calling again at Suphan Buri. Confirmation of the continued running of the extension Suphan Buri ⇔ Malaiman would be welcomed. Report updated: January 2023


    This series of "TN" entries should not be confused with those for Tennessee, below.

    For non-commuter routes, SNCFT have only an on-line journey planner – for tabular format timetable visit the Fahrplancenter website.

    Kalaâ Sghira triangle (Sousse) TN1
    The former main line through the centre of Sousse is severed, leaving two dead-ended spurs, replaced by an avoiding line (line 12) west of the town - see sketch of the area. The triangular junction at the north end has passenger service on all three sides because the fastest expresses avoid Sousse, stopping instead at Kalaâ Sghira, while some through trains reverse at Sousse. Reported February 2011

    M'Saken (north-west junction) – Sousse Zone Industrielle TN2
    Through trains Tunis ⇔ Monastir or beyond use the Sousse avoiding line and this connecting line - see sketch of the area. Note that while there are triangles at each end of the line, those arcs which would provide a through run between Sousse Sud and M'Saken have no regular passenger service. Reported February 2011

    Métlaoui – Redeyef TN3
    Over this 44km route, an evening Métlaoui ⇔ Redeyef round trip (also covering line TN4 on the return leg) operates. See long-distance lines 15/16 or SNCFT journey planner. The former The Red Lizard (le Lézard rouge) tourist train no longer operates. Report updated: January 2024

    Tabeditt – Moularès TN4
    Over this 9km branch, an evening Métlaoui ⇔ Redeyef round trip covers this line on its return leg. See long-distance lines 15/16 or SNCFT journey planner. Report updated: January 2024

    Kalaâ Kasbah - Kasserine TN5
    Entry deleted - service not introduced

    Les Salines – El Kef TN6
    Although not shown in SNCFT's on-line journey planner, this 31km branch has one round trip daily which stables overnight at El Kef (see long-distance line 8). Reported: May 2020

    Fej et Tameur – Tajerouine TN 7
    This 18km branch has one round trip daily (see SNCFT's journey planner or long-distance line 9). Reported: May 2020


    Amtrak no longer publish tabulated timetables - refer instead to the tables produced by Rail Passengers' Association.

    Various tourist railroads offer Fall foliage trips each autumn (usually October weekends). While some traverse simply their regular route, others (including some listed below) cover sections of line not otherwise regularly traversed by passenger trains. A list (which does not distinguish between these two categories) appears on the American-Rails website.

    The National Railway Historical Society (NRHS) and the American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners (AAPRCO) each have conventions (the former usually during the summer, the latter usually during the autumn but - in recent years - also with a second event in the spring), in different locations each year. These usually involved running special passenger trains over non-passenger routes. Amtrak declared in March 2018 that they would no longer operate such special trains although this restriction has eased as AAPRCO have been able to run specials since October 2020. NRHS continue, where practicable, to operate specials - usually with regional railroads that do not require Amtrak involvement. Consult their respective websites.

    Rail-bikes (self-propelled pedal machines), speeders (motorised rail inspection vehicles which can be man-handled on and off rail tracks) and hi-rails (motorised vehicles adapted for use on roads or on rails).
       • Rail-bikes - known in Europe as vélos-rail or cyclo-draisines - are used on abandoned lines (or little-used lines during designated periods). While there is some following in North America for peripatetic rail-biking (see Railbike Tours and Bentley Railbike webpages), there appear to be the following operators on the European pattern where one hires a machine to ride a predetermined section of otherwise closed railway line (distances quoted here are one-way whereas most rail-bike operators publicise the round-trip mileage). Railbike routes which use the same track as regular heritage/excursion trains are increasing, and have been ignored in compiling the following listing. At some operations the railbikes are "power-assisted", in some cases the railbikes are accompanied by railway staff, and in one case the propulsion is by hand lever rather than pedalling - so check the respective websites.

    Joseph Branch Railriders (Oregon) on former UP between Joseph and Enterprise (6 miles) and between Wallowa and Minam (13 miles). The section of the Joseph branch between Minam and Elgin is used by the Eagle Cap Excursion Train.

    Revolution Rail Co. (New York, New Jersey, Colorado) - see their website for details

    Oregon Coast Railriders (Oregon) on former Southern Pacific between Coquille and Beaver Hill Junction (6 miles).

    Vance Creek Railriders (Washington) on former Simpson Logging Co logging railroad between Camp 1 and Shelton (6½ miles)

    Buffalo Creek Rail Rides (West Virginia) on former Buffalo Creek & Gauley Railroad from Clay, WV (6 miles). Operations suspended since early 2021 for reconstruction, principally on account of flood damage. There are plans to extend the one-way ride to 9 miles. For information on the former Buffalo Creek & Gauley RR follow this link.

    Finger Lakes Rail Riders (New York) from Benton (near Penn Yan, NY) (2½ miles) on the former Pennsylvania Railroad line from Williamsport, PA to Canadaigua, NY and Sodus Point, NY.

    Freedom Rail (Nevada) from Eastgate Siding (Carson City) (1.9 miles) on former Viginia & Truckee RR to Eureka (Carson Canyon, towards Carson City). Route map.

    Sierra Industrial Group (California) on their Mendocino / California Western Tunnel 1 (east end) - Camp Noyo section (11 miles)

    Museum of Handcar Technology LLC - HandCar Tours (California) from Marina (3½ miles) on former Southern Pacific Monterey branch.

    American Rail Bike Adventures (Pennsylvania) on former New York Central (originally Northern Central) Railroad, from Severn Valleys (formerly Smyser) to Howard Tunnel (3½ miles) and to New Freedom (10 miles)

    Rail Bike Adventures (New Hampshire) on former Boston & Maine Railroad, from Laconia to Belmont (2½ miles)

    Rail Cycle Mt. Rainier (Washington) on former Milwaukee Road, from New Reliance northwards (1½ miles)

    Rail Explorers (California) on former Ione & Eastern, from Ione to Newton Copper Mine site (4 miles). Note that Rail Explorers' other operations are over regular heritage/excursion train routes.

    The Sunburst Railbikes (California) on former Southern Pacific, latterly Fillmore & Western, from Santa Paula to outskirts of Fillmore (8½ miles)

       • Speeders and Hi-rails: while there are groups of speeder owners organising tours for their members - some of which are available to passengers (see RailSpeeders website - do scroll down their site - don't be put off by the date calendar allegedly last updated...) - there are no known "fixed location" operations like the rail-bike operations above.
       Further information about other regular "fixed location" operations, whether by rail-bike, speeder or hi-rail, would be welcomed by the compiler. Report updated: October 2023


    Matanuska, south siding switch – South Palmer AK1
    At the end of August/beginning of September the Alaska State Fair is held at Palmer (2023 fair dates: 18 August - 4 September 2023). Alaska Railroad operate excursions from Anchorage on some fair days; see Alaska Railroad website shortly before the event. South Palmer is 4.2 miles from the junction. Fair cancelled 2020; no train for the fairs in 2021, 2022 or 2023. Unless this service resumes in 2024 this entry will be deleted. Report updated: August 2023

    Anchorage, Airport Branch Junction – Anchorage Ted Stevens International Airport AK2
    This spur line (see schematic plan) - 2.5 miles long - is used only by chartered trains for cruise companies Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean International and Silversea which berth at Seward. Services in 2017 were: from Seward Cruise Dock at 0800 on alternate Thursdays for Silversea and at 0650 on Fridays for Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean International, returning from the airport at about 1300 the same days, to connect into the respective vessels' evening departures. Tickets are obtainable only from the cruise line concerned. There are no booked workings over the north leg of the wye. Report updated: November 2017

    Fairbanks AK3
    To turn ready for their return journey, trains normally approach the station direct (0.2 miles) and leave around a balloon loop (1.3 miles - both distances from road overbridge) (see schematic plan; note that the current passenger station is on Golden Heart Lead, east of the road overbridge shown, while the previous (now closed) 1960-built passenger station was on the short south-facing spur on right of plan). Report updated: October 2013

    Portage : wye AK4
    The south-east leg of the wye at Portage is used by the summer-only Glacier Discovery train on the morning segment from Whittier to Grandview; it reverses at both south junction (to turn the train) and at Portage station (the north junction, to pick up/set down passengers). In the afternoon, the return working from Grandview to Whittier simply reverses at Portage station and does not use the south-east leg. Trains Anchorage ⇔ (a) Whittier or (b) Seward, respectively, use the other two legs of the wye. Report updated: March 2021

    Seward AK5
    There are two passenger "branches" at Seward, south of Yard Switch (see schematic plan; note: Yard Switch is connection between Jesse Lee Main and Upper #8):

  • passenger station: 1.2 miles of the original main line, to its current terminus, used by the summer-only Coastal Classic train Anchorage ⇔ Seward
  • cruise passenger dock terminus: 1.3 miles of the coal dock/cruise dock branch, used only by chartered trains for cruise companies Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean International and Silversea. Services in 2017 were as shown in entry AK2, plus a Sunday train at 0650 for Holland America to Anchorage station ("Historic Depot"), returning at 1230. All connect with vessel sailings. Tickets are obtainable only from the cruise line concerned. A summary of cruise ship arrivals and departures at Seward can be found via Schedules (but not all vessels have train connections!). Report updated: August 2021

    Skagway AK6
    In addition to the public service from the depot at Second and Spring Streets, the White Pass & Yukon Route operate chartered trains for cruise companies from alongside the several docks where the cruise ships berth. Tickets are obtainable only from the cruise line concerned. A summary of cruise ship arrivals and departures can be found at Skagway's Cruise Ship Calendar or Schedules. Report updated: August 2021

    White Pass summit balloon loop - see under Canada - British Columbia. White Pass & Yukon Route trains to the summit only use a balloon loop at 21.4 mile post to return to Skagway. The summit itself is at the border - the new balloon is inside British Columbia.

    Fraser balloon loop - see under Canada - British Columbia


    Vail, CP S1000 – Mescal, CP S1023 AZ1
    The two tracks used by the west and eastbound Sunset Limited (trains 1 and 2) are separated for 23.3 miles of the Lordsburg Subdivision: one uses the original Southern Pacific alignment, the other the original El Paso & Southwestern alignment. Reported: August 2006

    Grand Canyon : wye AZ2
    Grand Canyon Railway trains use the wye to turn prior to arrival at Grand Canyon station. Reported: August 2006

    Griffith – Kingman AZ3
    The two bi-directional tracks over this 10.4 mile section are separated. The working of Southwest Chief (trains 3 and 4) is at dispatcher's discretion. (There are also more minor divergences further east, at other locations in Arizona and New Mexico). Reported: June 2012

    Truxton AZ4
    A long flyover (opened 25 October 2020), between Kingman and Seligman, enables eastbound trains to cross from the south track to the north track (both tracks are reversible), without fouling westbound trains, to take advantage of optimum grades. The eastbound Southwest Chief (train 4) would normally be expected to use the flyover - at dispatcher's discretion. Reported: February 2022


    Little Rock: Central Arkansas Transit - River Rail AR1
    A temporary service is in operation until December 2024 with part of the system closed - see route map.
    In normal operations, two
    short linking curves are used only as follows:

  • River Market Avenue to East Second Street: Blue Line daily but only after 1745. This is used by all Blue Line cars during the temporary service
  • Main Street to Cumberland Street (along East Markham Street): Green Line SuX but only until 1800. This is not in use during the temporary service
    The branch between River Market Avenue/Second Street and the Presidential Library/Heifer International (World Avenue/Third Street) is used by both Green (not Sundays) and Blue Lines - but only until 1745 daily. Service suspended on this branch until December 2024. Report updated: December 2022

    [Van Buren - Winslow - ] Springdale - Monett, MO AR2
    The Arkansas & Missouri Railroad operate regular excursions south of Springdale over 66.9 miles of former St. Louis San Francisco line. In addition, very occasional excursions run northwards towards Monett, MO (61.0 miles), as in September 2022 but unlikely to apply often. Reported: August 2022


    San Diego : Santa Fe Depot – Seaport Village CA1
    Entry deleted - now part of regular Green line route but see entry CA22 instead.

    San Bernardino Depot – Rana CA2
    There are two bi-directional routes between San Bernardino and the Riverside line at Rana (approx. 1.6 miles): Amtrak trains take the former Santa Fe's San Bernardino subdivision via West Yard while Metrolink trains (from and to their own platforms at San Bernardino Depot) use the more direct line. Reported: November 2000

    Cajon – Summit CA3
    Over this 6.9 mile section, track 3 follows a shorter, separate alignment from tracks 1 and 2. Although the eastbound Southwest Chief (train 4) usually uses the shorter track, the working of trains 3 and 4 is flexible and no particular track is certain. Report updated: June 2012

    Rocklin - Newcastle - Auburn - Bowman - Colfax CA4
    Over this 31.3-mile section, the two tracks follow different alignments, becoming adjacent between Newcastle and tunnel 18, and between Bowman and Clipper Gap. Both tracks are reversibly signalled between Colfax and Rocklin, and though normal operation has been westbound on track 1 and eastbound on track 2, crossovers at Colfax, Bowman and Newcastle allow trains to be routed on either track in either direction, at dispatcher's discretion. Track 1 is the original 1865 alignment (for the most part) of the transcontinental railroad, and track 2 is the more recent 1909 alignment. The Auburn passenger station (located at the site known as "Auburn - Nevada Street" in Southern Pacific days) is located on track 2 and served only by originating and arriving Amtrak Capitol Corridor trains which thus use track 2 in both directions between Newcastle and Auburn, and can use either track between Newcastle and Rocklin. The California Zephyr (trains 5 and 6) can use either track between Rocklin and Colfax, and may cross from one track to another at Colfax, Bowman or Newcastle. Report updated: December 2016

    Clipper Gap – Colfax CA5
    Entry deleted - now subsumed within entry CA4

    Ventura-East - CP Wye - Montalvo CA6
    The platform - used by originating and arriving Metrolink Ventura County trains - is on the north leg of the triangular junction (wye) of the Fillmore branch; it is normally accessed from the south with a reversal on the branch at CP Wye. There is no regular use of the north access to the station. Amtrak trains do not serve this location and use the third (main line) leg. Report updated: September 2018

    East Ash Hill – Siberia CA7
    The two bi-directional tracks are separated (9.5 miles via northerly Track 1; 7.7 miles via southerly Track 2). Although the westbound Southwest Chief (train 3) usually uses the shorter track, the working of trains 3 and 4 is at dispatcher's discretion. Report updated: June 2012

    West of Ibis CA8
    The two bi-directional tracks are separated (0.8 miles longer via northerly Track 1 than southerly Track 2). The Southwest Chief (trains 3 and 4). Either track may be used at dispatcher's discretion. Report updated: June 2012

    Los Angeles, CP Dayton – CP Pasadena Junction CA9
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Millbrae – San Francisco International Airport / San Bruno CA10
    Entry deleted - both lines in regular service.

    Port of Long Beach CA11
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn.

    North Elmhurst – North Newark, CP CO031 CA12
    Coast Starlight (trains 11 and 14) use this 17.5 mile line instead of the route via Hayward and Fremont used by Capitol Corridor trains. Reported: December 2010.

    Haggin (Sacramento) – El Pinal (Stockton) CA13
    When planned engineering work blocks the regular Amtrak route between Sacramento and Stockton - the former Southern Pacific line via Lodi (Fresno Subdivision) - trains are diverted via the former Western Pacific line (Sacramento Subdivision) to the west - the normally freight-only route is 44.7 miles. Such diversions (which applied in spring, summer and autumn 2016, January 2017 and September 2019) appear on Amtrak's website → Service Alerts & Notices → Passenger Advisories when the Lodi stops are omitted. Report updated: October 2019

    [Los Angeles – ] Palmdale Junction – Tehachapi – Bakersfield – Modesto – Hicks (Stockton) [ – Oakland] CA14
    When planned engineering work blocks the regular Amtrak route between Oakland and Burbank - the coastal line - the Coast Starlight (trains 11/14) are diverted via the Union Pacific line through the Central Valley; no public joining/alighting stops are made (the normally freight-only element is 320.5 miles). The train also uses the three legs of the Lathrop wye (to turn), the Altamont Commuter Express route and the north leg of the Newark wye, to rejoin its normal route to Oakland (the earlier practice of continuing from Hicks via Stockton to Sacramento does not seem usually to apply now). Such diversions (which applied in autumn 2008, September 2011, February 2012, March 2013, September 2013, October 2017, April 2018 and September 2019) should appear on Amtrak's website → Service Alerts & Notices → Passenger Advisories when the intermediate calling points are omitted or replaced by Thruway bus. Report up-dated: August 2020

    Suisun-Fairfield – Napa Junction – Schellville – Sear's Point CA15
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    [Folsom Junction – ] Hampton station (Placerville Road, Folsom) – White Rock – El Dorado County boundary – Latrobe CA16
    The operations of the Placerville & Sacramento Valley Railroad are normally between Hampton and White Rock Road crossing because of restrictions on the use of (a) the road crossings between their base in the triangle (wye) at the former Folsom Junction and Hampton, and (b) the line within El Dorado County.
    There are no regular opportunities to ride the section between Folsom Junction and Hampton. At present, trips beyond White Rock as far as the El Dorado County boundary (County Line Limited) usually run the last weekend of summer months, with one train on that Sunday morning running to Latrobe (Latrobe Breakfast Special), as advertised. Since January 2017 these trips have been limited to the site of a washout, 3 miles short of Latrobe. Pumpkin Patch excursions in October use part of the Folsom Junction - Hampton section instead. Approximate milepost mileages: Folsom Junction 111.1, Hampton 116.3, White Rock 118.0, El Dorado county boundary 119.6, Latrobe 125.2.
    For details of the isolated operations on the Placerville branch between Shingle Springs (MP 136.9) and El Dorado (MP 142.7) see El Dorado Western Railroad's website. Report updated: May 2023

    Mount Hermon - Roaring Camp (Felton) [ - ] Santa Cruz wye [ - Santa Cruz Boardwalk] CA17
    The Santa Cruz, Big Trees & Pacific Railway operates Roaring Camp ⇔ Santa Cruz; trains arriving at Santa Cruz turn on the wye there. Each Wednesday during the season, passenger trains start back from Mount Hermon station (0.8 miles north of Roaring Camp station) on a charter basis for patrons of the Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center - enquiries should be directed to the centre. Reported: July 2016

    Honby - Humphreys CA18
    Entry deleted - separated tracks replaced by conventional double track.

    [Yosemite Mountain (Fish Camp) - ] Lewis Creek balloon loop CA19
    The Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad (3 foot gauge) operates Yosemite Mountain station ⇔ Lewis Creek. The balloon loop at Lewis Creek is only completely traversed by steam trains as the Jenny (petrol-railcar) services arrive and depart over the same half of the balloon. Reported: September 2018

    Santa Paula - Fillmore - Piru CA20
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn. See instead Sunburst Railbikes.

    [West Sacramento - ] Fremont - Woodland trestle CA21
    The Sierra Northern Railroad River Fox Train operates from Fremont (which it calls both Woodland and West Sacramento...) towards West Sacramento and back, so it seems unlikely that the section Fremont to Woodland trestle will be used. Despite the rolling stock being stabled at Woodland, and despite the implication of their advertising, it seems no passenger-carrying train actually reaches Woodland now - the claimed round trip mileage of 28 is clearly overstated. It is not clear in which direction the railbike facility (also based at Fremont) operates. Report updated: August 2021

    San Diego Trolley CA22
    The weekend downtown circular (clockwise only) Silver line of San Diego Trolley [a light rail system] uses two curves which otherwise have no regular service, to allow movements between Santa Fe Depot ⇔ America Plaza and Park & Market ⇔ Gaslamp Quarter (at 12th and Imperial Transit Center). Report updated: May 2023

    [Niles - ] Sunol - Verona CA23
    The Niles Canyon Railway normally operate over the 5 mile section of former Southern Pacific, through the eponymous canyon, between Sunol and Niles. On a limited number of occasions, trips run east over the 5 mile section towards Hearst and Verona but, pending repair of storm damage, there are no trips east of Sunol until further notice. Report updated: June 2023

    San Jose History Park Trolley CA24
    The California Trolley & Railroad Corporation museum operates trips from their depot (trolley barn) in Phelan Avenue, normally within the confines of History Park. When specially advertised, trips are offered on a track (approx. ½ mile) alongside Senter Road, towards Happy Hollow Zoo. Reported: December 2023


    Denver (UP Pullman Yard) – Speer Junction, WY [ – Cheyenne, WY] CO1
    Entry deleted - Denver Post's Cheyenne Frontier Days special train withdrawn after 2018 trip; see instead CO6

    Denver : wye at Prospect Junction CO2
    The inbound California Zephyr (trains 5 and 6) use the Prospect Junction - 31st. Street Yard link to turn prior to backing in to arrive at Denver Union Station. The outbound trains use the direct legs of the wye. Thus, the westbound train (5) covers the 31st. Street Yard - Prospect Junction and Prospect Junction - Union Station legs of the wye, while the eastbound train (6) covers the Prospect Junction - 31st. Street Yard and 31st. Street Yard - Union Station legs. Report updated: September 2018

    Silverton : wye CO3
    Most Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad trains are wyed (turned) between arrival and departure without passengers aboard. However, when a four-train service operates, one train may be wyed with passengers aboard. Reported: September 2016

    Evans – Louisiana-Pearl CO4
    This south-east curve - avoiding I25 & Broadway station - is used by E and H line depot workings from Evans: those journeys shown with an Evans departure on the southbound E, F and H current timetables. Note that in the opposite direction, depot journeys reverse at I25 & Broadway station or run empty. Report updated: May 2021

    Antonito CO5
    Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad trains use different sides of a balloon loop in- and out- bound: inbound trains use a longer arc than outbound. Reported: September 2010

    Denver – Speer Junction, WY [ – Salt Lake City, UT] CO6
    When planned major engineering work or other obstruction (such as brush fire) blocks the regular Amtrak route Denver ⇔ Salt Lake City via the Moffat Tunnel, the California Zephyr (trains 5/6) is diverted via this route, the Union Pacific main line. The normally freight-only element is 618.7 miles (although about 1.3 miles of this also appear under entry CO13, below). Such diversions (which applied during May and June 2012, May 2014, May and June 2015, October 2016, September/October 2017 and August 2020), and should appear on Amtrak's website → Service Alerts & Notices → Passenger Advisories [use the Amtrak journey planner to check whether a replacement bus is serving intermediate points]. Report updated: August 2023

    Tabernash CO7
    The two bi-directional tracks used by the west and eastbound California Zephyr (trains 5 and 6) are separated through Tabernash, between mileposts 65.1 and 67.1, the more southerly track 2 being longer than track 1. Either track may be used at dispatcher's discretion. Reported: September 2013

    Durango, Val-Air wye CO8
    This wye and short "branch" - just south of Val-Air Airport, near Home Ranch siding - are used when 90 minute short distance round-trips are advertised from Durango by Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. These include their Great Pumpkin Patch and Polar Express trains. Reported: December 2022

    [Leadville - ] French Gulch water tank – Talus Slope – Storke Curve (Alicante) CO9
    Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad's regular 2½ hour trips - over the former Denver, South Park & Pacific - run 9.4 miles to French Gulch (141.8 mile). When advertised (particularly September Fall Photo Weekends), 2¾ hour trips extend another 1.5 miles to Talus Slope (140.3 mile). Report updated: May 2021

    Fort Collins: Roosevelt Avenue / Mountain Avenue junction – Carbarn (1801 West Mountain Avenue) CO10
    Fort Collins Municipal Railway's regular summer weekend trips cover 1.3 miles between City Park (Sheldon Drive) and Howes Street/Mountain Avenue. At the end of service, the car runs out of service from City Park at about 1700 to their carbarn, covering an additional 0.3 miles. Subject to the agreement of the motorman, it may be possible to ride this section. Report updated: August 2023

    Denver downtown CO11
    The downtown section of Denver's light rail system is a one-way (anti-clockwise) circuit of 14th St., California St., 19th St. and Stout St., with triangular (wye) junctions at each end. All trams entering the circuit return immediately in service to the route whence they entered (not so advertised but passengers are routinely carried - there is no facility for trams to lay-over), so it is practicable to cover all legs of the two wyes by riding L line plus any of D, F or H lines into, round, and out of the circuit. Reported: September 2018

    Cumbres wye CO12
    The wye (normally used for turning helper locomotives returning to Chama) is extended to run alongside a pavilion built at the top of the 10,000ft pass. Occasional Saturday evening trains run from Chama, NM, to Cumbres then reverse back over the wye through the snow shed to the side of the pavilion where passengers alight for a meal and entertainment. The return trip uses the other leg of the wye back to Chama. Usually once a month during the season May to October. Reported: January 2019

    Denver Rocky Mountaineer loading point (36th Street Yard) – York Street, Beltline southern junction – UP Belt Line – Pecos, Beltline western junction CO13
    Rocky Mountaineer inclusive tour trains use 1.3 miles of the Greeley Subdivision and 4.5 miles of the Moffat Tunnel Subdivision departing from and arriving at Denver, on a regular, seasonal basis. Report updated: August 2023

    Big Horn wye - see under New Mexico


    Providence & Worcester Railroad CT1
    See MA6 under Massachusetts.

    Essex - Old Saybrook and Deep River Landing - Haddam CT2
    The Valley Railroad's Essex Steam Train regular operation is north from Essex to Deep River Landing (3.6 miles). Beyond there, the Essex Clipper dinner train, Eagle Flyer (February weekends) excursion and Fall Foliage excursion (October weekends - when advertised) extend to Goodspeed station [opposite East Haddam] (a further 4.6 miles) as advertised. These trains may extend a further mile to the present northern limit of useable track at 13½ mile post, short of Haddam station.
    A rail-bike facility is offered over the section south from Essex to Old Saybrook (4.0 miles each way) as advertised. The Autumn (Fall) rail-bike facility to Chester is over the normal train route towards Haddam.
    Report updated: November 2021


    [Greenbank - ] Mouth Cuba - Hockessin DE1
    The 4.7 mile section of the Wilmington & Western Railroad beyond Mount Cuba is covered only by their Hockessin Flyer and weekend Autumn Leaf Special excursions, as advertised. Report updated: May 2021


    Tampa : Neve wye FL1
    Silver Star (trains 91 and 92) use Neve wye, near Gary, to turn prior to arrival at Tampa. Report updated: February 2022

    Jacksonville : wye at Grand Junction FL2
    Entry deleted - no longer used in passenger service

    Auburndale : wye FL3
    The east-west main line is used by Silver Star (trains 91 and 92) as between Orlando and Tampa, the south-west connector by Silver Star (trains 91 and 92) as between Miami and Tampa, and the south-east connector by Silver Meteor (trains 97 and 98). Report updated: December 2022

    Tavares - Toronto - Winter Garden FL4
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn.

    [Fort Myers (Colonial Station) - ] Tucker's Grade (beyond Gilchrist) - Punta Gorda FL5
    The Seminole Gulf Railway operates on former Atlantic Coast Line's Naples branch. Murder Mystery trains (3½ hours round trip) normally work to "Tucker's Grade" (ca. 20 miles), but "certain special events such as our New Year’s Eve Gala" (to quote their website) may extend to Punta Gorda (a further 8.5 miles). Reported: April 2022


    [Grand Junction (Chattanooga) – East Chattanooga, TN – ] Chickamauga – Summerville GA1
    In addition to their frequent short trips Grand Junction ⇔ East Chattanooga, TN, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum excursions run two or three Saturdays a month from March to September between Grand Junction ⇔ Chickamauga. Beyond there, their Summerville Steam Specials run a further 31.7 miles, one or two weekends a month from March to November (more freqently during October and early November). As at May 2023, service to Summerville shown suspended until further notice. Report updated: May 2023

    Savannah, Telfair Junction – Burroughs GA2
    There are two bi-directional routes between these points for Savannah - Jacksonville Amtrak trains: the normal route is via Savannah Yard (ex-Seaboard Air Line) but the alternative via Southover Yard (ex-Atlantic Coast Line) may be used at dispatcher's discretion. Reported: October 2013

    Willacoochee - Nashville - Moody/Bemiss GA3
    CaterParrott Railnet is a regional rail carrier which runs occasional excursions over this 40 mile section of former Georgia & Florida Railway (a Southern subsidiary, track now owned by the State of Georgia) as Azalea Sprinter. Trips start in Nashville (Georgia, not Tennessee!) but only on limited dates can the north (Willacoochee) and south (Moody or Bemiss near Valdosta) trips be ridden on the same day. Reported: April 2021


    Chicago Union Station : Canal Street wye IL1
    The south-west leg of the wye is used by any trains that turn prior to arrival at the south end of Union station. There is much less wying of loaded trains, with arriving or departing short haul trains with a quick turn-round in Chicago being the most likely candidates. Report updated: March 2023

    Chicago Union Station – 16th Street IL2
    Between the south end of Union station and 16th Street, Amtrak trains can take one of four routes (given numbers here for convenience) en route to or from the CN (former Illinois Central) line to Champaign-Urbana:

    • Route 1: North arm of Amtrak Canal Street wye - Union Avenue interlocking (= Halsted Street Metra station) - change direction - 16th Street
    • Route 2: Just short of 21st Street - change direction - southwest arm of Amtrak Canal Street wye - Union Avenue interlocking - change direction - 16th Street
    • Route 3: 21st Street - 23rd Street (on the ex-Pennsylvania, now Norfolk Southern, line towards Englewood) - change direction - CN/NS (ex-IC/Penn.) Connection (857 - 877 points; also known as Amtrak wye) - 16th Street
    • Route 4: 21st Street - Cermak [on CN line towards Bridgeport] - change direction - 16th Street

    That section of routes 1 and 2 between Union Avenue and 16th Street is the St.Charles Air Line; BNSF and UP jointly own the line between Union Ave. and a point 70 feet west of the Bascule Bridge over the South Branch of the Chicago River, CN owns the line from that point to 16th Street. The bascule bridge is controlled by CSX Bridge Tender. The St. Charles Air Line is currently closed for renewal work - so routes 1 and 2 are presently unavailable.
    Routes 1, 3 and 4 involve an inbound train propelling (backing) into Union station and an outbound train propelling (backing) out. The normal route for trains had been 1, but during the St.Charles Air Line closure route 3 is normally used. Report updated: March 2023

    Granite City, WR Tower – St.Louis, MO, Gratiot Street IL4
    There are two routes between these points for Chicago - St.Louis Amtrak trains: the normal route is via Venice Yard, East St.Louis Relay (Q Interlocking) and the MacArthur Bridge. The slower alternative route is via SH Interlocking, Merchants Bridge and the former Washington Avenue station but since June 2000 this has not been the normal Amtrak route; it is used only when freight congestion prevents use of the MacArthur Bridge or to provide the opportunity for arriving southbound Lincoln Service trains to turn - using the Poplar Street / Rutger Street / Gratiot Street wye - prior to arrival at St.Louis (instead of on the wye west of the station after discharging passengers) or for turning the Texas Eagle (trains 21/22) when using the diversion under route IL16 or other diversion requiring the train to be turned. Report updated: June 2016

    Chicago : links at 17th Street Interlocking between Orange and Green Lines and Red Line IL5

  • A very short link between the Red Line and the elevated Orange and Green Lines - just north of Cermak-Chinatown station - is used by Red Line trains diverted over the loop elevated lines when the Red Line's tunnel section is closed for engineering work
  • A reverse connection - south of the Roosevelt stations - is used by:
    - Orange and Green Line trains - to or from the west or south - diverted through the Red Line tunnel when engineering work blocks their elevated section
    - Red Line trains - to or from the north - diverted to the Green (or Orange) Lines when engineering work blocks their line south of Cermak-Chinatown station (as applied during 2013)
    Both these links were parts of the Red Line itself until its present line between Roosevelt and Cermak-Chinatown stations was opened on 21 February 1993. Report updated: September 2019

    [Chicago –] Yard Center, Thornton Junction – Villa Grove – Lenox Tower [– St.Louis, MO] IL6
    When planned major engineering work blocks the regular Amtrak route Chicago ⇔ St.Louis via Springfield, the Texas Eagle (trains 21/22) is diverted via this route - the former Chicago & Eastern Illinois (the normally freight-only element is 255.9 miles). Note that Lincoln Service trains Chicago ⇔ St.Louis are usually replaced by bus. Such diversions (which applied during June, September, October 2016, May 2017 and May 2018) should appear on Amtrak's website → Service Alerts & Notices → Passenger Advisories. Report updated: May 2018

    Prairie Crossing: link track between former Milwaukee and former Wisconsin Central routes IL7
    This short connecting track - north of the two Prairie Crossing stations - was used only by the last inbound North Central Service but has not yet been resumed since covid service cuts.... Report updated: December 2022

    Gresham Junction – Blue Island, Western Avenue Junction IL8
    This 6.0 mile section of the former Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific main line is not "obscure", but may easily be overlooked: it is used by trains not scheduled to call at any of the Beverly Hills stations. Current schedule → Rock Island District. Report updated: February 2022

    Marion – Ordill IL9
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Mapleton (Pekin) – Rawalts (Canton) IL10
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    [Omaha, NE – ] East Clinton – Elburn [ – Chicago] IL11
    See IA3 under Iowa.

    [St.Paul, MN – ] East Dubuque – West Aurora [ – Chicago] IL12
    See WI2 under Wisconsin.

    Joliet – Streator – Cameron Junction (Galesburg) CP1705 or CP1850 IL13
    When planned major engineering work blocks the regular Amtrak route Chicago ⇔ Galesburg via Mendota, the Southwest Chief (trains 3/4) and California Zephyr (trains 5/6) are diverted to Joliet, then via this 147.5 mile section of the former AT&SF main line. Note that trains Chicago ⇔ Quincy, IL are usually replaced by bus. Such diversions (which applied during October 2012 and November 2014) may appear on Amtrak's website → Service Alerts & Notices. Reported: October 2014

    Museum Campus/11th Street [Chicago] – 18th Street IL14
    The tracks used by the inbound and outbound Metra Electric and South Shore Line trains are separated on the 0.79 miles between these stations. Reported: November 2013

    Rosemont [Chicago] IL15
    The tracks used by the inbound and outbound Chicago Transit Authority Blue Line trains are separated on the ca. 0.5 miles west to the CN (ex-Wisconsin Central) overbridge. Reported: November 2013

    East St.Louis, MacArthur Bridge north approach - Thebes Bridge [ - Poplar Bluff, MO] IL16
    When planned engineering work or other obstruction blocks the regular Amtrak route St.Louis ⇔ Poplar Bluff, MO - the former Missouri Pacific line - the Texas Eagle (trains 21/22) is diverted via the former St.Louis South Western route along the east bank of the Mississippi river - the normally freight-only route is 198.6 miles. Such diversions applied in May/June 2016, January and November 2017 and August 2020, and should appear on Amtrak's website 𔾮 Service Alerts & Notices → Passenger Advisories when the Arcadia stop is omitted. Such diversions may also wye (turn) by use of route IL4. Report updated: August 2020

    Monticello Railway Museum IL17
    Normal passenger operation is on former Illinois Central track between the relocated former Wabash depot (200 East Livingston Street, Monticello) and the private "Heath crossing" (1.3 miles beyond County Road 1900 N, towards White Heath), and on a short section of former Illinois Terminal trackbed into the Nelson Crossing museum site station at 992 Iron Horse Place (a total of 5.2 "unique" miles). Railroad Days is an annual event (usually a weekend in mid-September - 2023 dates: 16-17 September 2023) when the Museum sometimes - depending on whether cars are stored on the line - may operate various of the trains operating on those days beyond their normal route: at the north end to the wye at Commercial Street, White Heath; at the south end, past the depot to Market Street crossing; and along a short segment of former Illinois Terminal south from the Nelson Crossing station to Camp Creek Yard - a potential extra 0.7 "unique" miles. Prospective visitors should make enquiries of the museum. Report updated: May 2023

    Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis IL18
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn.


    [Tipton - Noblesville - ] Fishers – Indianapolis, Indiana State Fairgrounds IN1
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    [Jasper – ] Dubois – Cuzco [ – French Lick] IN2
    The City of Jasper Park & Recreation Department operate - as The Spirit of Jasper - Jasper ⇔ Dubois (8.6 miles). The Indiana Railway Museum operate - as the French Lick Scenic Railway - French Lick ⇔ Cuzco (9.5 miles), and occasionally as advertised (but not yet) the whole 24.8 miles French Lick ⇔ Jasper. Report updated: May 2023

    Cincinnati (Riverside), OH – Batesville – Greensburg IN3
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    "Pumpkin Patch" – North Judson – English Lake IN4
    Most Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum services operate on former a Chesapeake & Ohio route between North Judson and English Lake (4.2 miles). Pumpkin Trains (in October), in addition to visiting English Lake, return through North Judson and run southwards about a mile on former Erie route to the pumpkin patch. Report updated: May 2021

    South Milford - Ashley IN5
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Tell City - Lincoln City IN6
    Scenic Lincoln Way operate occasional excursions as advertised (no regular schedule) from Tell City over the Hoosier Southern Railroad's former Southern Railway line, some of which run through to Lincoln City. Report updated: May 2021


    Osceola – Woodburn and Shannon – Indianola Junction and Halpin – Frederic IA1
    The two bi-directional tracks used by the west and eastbound California Zephyr (trains 5 and 6) are separated over these three sections. Either track may be used at dispatcher's discretion. Report updated: October 2009

    Coralville – Iowa City IA2
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Omaha, NE – Council Bluffs – Clinton [ – East Clinton, IL – Chicago, IL] IA3
    When planned major engineering work blocks the regular Amtrak route Omaha ⇔ Chicago via Burlington, the California Zephyr (trains 5/6) are diverted via this route - the former Chicago & NorthWestern (the normally freight-only element is 444 miles, Omaha, NE ⇔ Elburn, IL). Such diversions (which applied in late summer and early December 2011 and February and March 2012) may appear on Amtrak's website → Service Alerts & Notices → Passenger Advisories. Report up-dated: March 2012

    [Boone - ] Fraser Siding - Wolf (Fraser Junction) IA4
    The 3.7 mile section beyond Fraser Siding is normally used only by the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad's dinner and picnic/dessert trains, and Saturday "motorcar rides" as advertised. Other trains are normally restricted to the 7.6 mile section between Boone and Fraser Siding. Report updated: May 2023


    Enterprise - Woodbine KS1
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn.

    South Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad KS2
    The Heart of the Heartlands Railroad Club of Carona, KS, operate occasional passenger excursions on this Watco subsidiary (former Missouri Pacific, St.Louis San Francisco and Atchison, Topeka &Santa Fe trackage) in southern Kansas and northern Oklahoma, as advertised. Reported: July 2022


    New Orleans : wye at Clara Street tower LA1
    Arriving trains use the wye at Clara Street Tower to turn prior to arrival at New Orleans. Report updated: September 2011

    New Orleans : Canal Street connection LA2
    Entry deleted - route no longer restricted.


    Brunswick - Rockland ME1
    Midcoast Railservice offer occasional RDC (railcar) excursions over sections of their 56.7mile former Maine Central line - see their Coastliner Excursions webpage. Reported: September 2023


    Hurlock - Federalsburg MD1
    The Maryland & Delaware Railroad annually participates in the Hurlock Fall Festival (held on the first Saturday each October - 2023 date: 7 October 2023) with train trips from Hurlock to beyond Federalsburg (total about 10 miles each way) - see Railpace Magazine, February 2012 issue, page 29, and NRHS News, December 2013 issue, page 18. Report updated: May 2023

    Cumberland - Maryland Junction, WV MD2
    See entry WV3 under West Virginia.

    [Frederick (Route 26) - ] Walkersville - Woodsboro MD3
    The Walkersville Southern Railroad operates heritage service 5½ miles south from Walkersville to Route 26 (north Frederick) on former Pennsylvania Railroad, but Sunday Picnic Trains and Dinner Trains also cover the three miles northwards towards Woodsboro. The northern section may also be used for Pumpkin Patch specials in the autumn. Report updated: May 2023


    This series of "MA" entries should not be confused with those for Morocco, above.

    Walpole – Foxboro / Gillette Stadium – Mansfield MA1
    This 8.5mile long CSXT line, linking two MBTA routes, is used - when advertised - for New England Patriots National Football League games or other events at Foxboro/Gillette Stadium by two special services: (a) Boston South Station ⇔ the stadium station, and (b) Providence, RI ⇔ the stadium station. Details from the MBTA website.
    The northern section Walpole ⇔ Foxboro is also covered by a Monday to Friday service - see current schedule. This is for twelve months from 19 September 2022 until September 2023 - an experimental 'pilot' service. See MBTA webpage. Report updated: August 2023

    Wilmington – Wilmington Junction, CPW WJ MA2
    The 3 mile Wildcat Branch - linking the Lowell and Haverhill commuter lines - is used by all Amtrak trains Boston, MA ⇔ Portland, ME. It is also used by any MBTA Haverhill line commuter service on Mondays to Fridays running without stop at Reading in the Haverhill line timetable (see current schedule) and by all MBTA Haverhill line services from 9 September until 9 November 2023 for installation of new signalling. Report updated: August 2023

    Lowell depot (station) – Dutton Street MA3
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Boston : Government Center – Bowdoin MA4
    Entry deleted - service no longer restricted

    South Worcester – Providence, RI MA5
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Providence & Worcester Railroad MA6
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Readville MA7
    The MBTA Franklin line has links with the main line and with the Fairmount line here. Most Franklin and Foxboro line trains use platform 5 on the ramp track on the west side, while most Fairmount line trains terminate at high level platform 4, on the east side of the station. On Mondays to Fridays, occasional Franklin and Foxboro line trains access the Franklin branch by high level link from the Fairmount line - they are endorsed VIA FAIRMOUNT LINE in the Franklin/Foxboro branch timetable and use platform 4 at Readville (see current schedule). Note that although there are platforms (2 and 3) on the main line, there are no trains booked to stop at them. Report updated: September 2022

    Various MA8
    The Massachusetts Bay Railroad Enthusiasts run a number of public charter excursions over non-passenger lines. Report updated: June 2020

    Kingston / Plymouth MA9
    The outer end of the Kingston/Plymouth MBTA branch has two "arms": Kingston Route 3 (a park and ride station) and Plymouth (former North Plymouth station). Trains can serve both locations, by reversing at the junction near the Kingston station. Service to/from Plymouth has been suspended during covid service reduction and is reportedly not funded to resume during fiscal year 2023. Report updated: July 2022

    [Boston South Station - ] Middleborough/Lakeville - Hyannis MA10
    A summer weekend service for the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority (CCRTA) extends 43 miles beyond the Middleborough/Lakeville limit of the MBTA commuter route - see Cape Flyer webpages. This is operated by MBTA over the state-owned Cape Main Line (operated for freight by Massachusetts Coastal Railroad). Report updated: August 2023

    [Braintree] Green interlocking, South leg MA11
    The Greenbush MBTA line joins the Old Colony main line at a wye (triangular junction) at Green interlocking, north of Braintree. When planned engineering work blocks the line between the wye and Boston South Station, Greenbush line trains may be diverted to run to and from Braintree, using the south leg of the wye (approx 0.2 miles). Such diversions (which applued on week nights after 1930 in May 2023, and all day on specified weekends) should appear in the MBTA Alerts Rail webpage, under Greenbush line. Reported: May 2023


    Grand Rapids : wye at Sunnyside MI1
    Entry deleted - no longer used in passenger service

    [Coldwater – ] Quincy – Hillsdale MI2
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn
    The Little River Railroad continue to operate between Coldwater and Quincy but at May 2022 stated "We don't have any more [Hillsdale trips] planned but that may change".

    Owosso – Ithaca – Alma – Cadillac MI3
    In addition to their regular excursions over Great Lakes Central Railroad Owosso ⇔ Chesaning, Steam Railroading Institute also run longer autumn excursions as advertised in October - but not pending restoration of their steam locomotive. Report updated: May 2023

    [Clinton – ] Tecumseh – Raisin Center MI4
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Indiana Northeastern Railroad MI5
    This freight railroad - operating partly on former Lake Shore & Michigan Southern (New York Central) and Wabash lines - hosts excursions by Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society. Little River Railroad (see MI2) also operates over a short section of the INER. Reported: May 2022


    Newport – St.Croix Junction MN1
    The two bi-directional tracks used by the Empire Builder (trains 7 and 8) are separated (10.4 miles via north Track 1 (former Milwaukee); 11.7 miles via south Track 2 (former Burlington)). Either track may be used at dispatcher's discretion. Report updated: October 2009

    Minneapolis, University - St.Anthony MN2
    The Empire Builder (trains 7 and 8) has two available routes - the former Great Northern line via Union Yard (4.4 miles) or the former Northern Pacific line to Park Junction (3.5 miles) and then the Minnesota Commercial Railway's link to St.Anthony. Either route may be used at dispatcher's discretion, although the doubling of the former Great Northern has largely obviated the need to use the former Northern Pacific alternative. East of St.Anthony, both use the Minnesota Commercial Railway through the former Amtrak Midway Station and Merriam Park. Report updated: June 2016


    Granite City, WR Tower – St.Louis, MO, Gratiot Street MO1
    See IL4 and IL18 under Illinois.

    Camden, CA Junction - Hardin (west end) MO2
    Over this 12.8 mile section there are three bi-directional tracks (two BNSF ex-AT&SF, one NS ex-Wabash which diverges slightly in places), all now available for Amtrak use at BNSF dispatcher's discretion, although for line speed reasons the ex-AT&SF tracks are preferred. Reported: March 2014

    Hardin (east end) - Carrollton, WB Junction MO2
    Over this 16.7 mile section there are two bi-directional tracks (one BNSF ex-AT&SF, one NS ex-Wabash), all now available for Amtrak use at BNSF dispatcher's discretion, although for line speed reasons the ex-AT&SF track is preferred. Reported: March 2014

    [East St.Louis, IL, MacArthur Bridge north approach - ] Thebes Bridge - Poplar Bluff MO3
    See IL16 under Illinois.

    [Springdale, AR - ] Seligman - Monett MO4
    See AR2 under Arkansas.

    St. Louis Union Station - Amtrak 16th Street Station MO5
    The Union station and its short link to the former Tower is occasionally used by special trains. Also by the The Polar Express Train Ride each winter, giving 45 min round trips via TRRA tracks to just north of Eads Bridge / St. Louis Arch Grounds (perhaps 2 miles each way), so also using a short section of the 'alternative' Amtrak route described at IL4. Reported: September 2022.


    Winnemucca, Weso – Alazon NV1
    The two bi-directional tracks used by the west and eastbound California Zephyr (trains 5 and 6) are separated: the westbound normally uses the original Southern Pacific route (track 1, Elko and Shafter Subdivisions, 182.7 miles), the eastbound the original Western Pacific route (track 2, Elko and Shafter Subdivisions, 178.5 miles). Reported: August 2006

    [Virginia City - ] Gold Hill - Eastgate Siding [ - Eureka (Carson Canyon)] NV2
    The 10.2 mile section of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad between Gold Hill and Eastgate Siding is covered only by their Carson City - Virginia City Train Rides, as advertised on summer Fridays and weekends. The 1.9 mile section from Eastgate Siding to Eureka (towards Carson City) was formerly covered only by their Toast of the Canyon excursion on the last Saturday evening of summer months but is no longer advertised; see instead their railbike facility. Route map. V&T's "Carson City" is actually Eastgate siding, near Mound House. Report updated: September 2021

    [Keystone - ] East Ely Junction - Lavon NV3
    On that section of the Nevada Northern Railroad that is still operational, most excursions from East Ely run south-west to Keystone ("Robinson Canyon"), turning on the wye there (7.1 miles from East Ely Junction). However, those marked "Valley Vista" instead run east towards McGill using the main line to Hiline Junction and the Mill (a.k.a. Adverse) branch thence to Lavon (7.2 miles from East Ely Junction). The 0.4 mile section East Ely Junction ⇔ East Ely station is common to both trips. For patrons participating in the the Shops walking visit, both excursions start or finish at the Shops (0.1 miles west of East Ely station, on the original main line). Report updated: June 2020

    Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City NV4
    The museum offers steam train rides or (rail) motor car rides every weekend, May to September, and a few dates in October and December, when advertised. Trains leave from the main entrance to the museum property and ride a 0.4 miles radial loop around the museum grounds, used by all trains. Additionally, a wye and its reversing siding (tail track), a further 0.4 miles, are used only by steam trains. Report updated: May 2023

    New Hampshire

    [Lincoln – Woodstock – ] Plymouth – Meredith [ – Lakeport] NH1
    The Hobo & Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad - now owned by Patriot Rail) operate regular seasonal tourist services - normally restricted to two elements of the line:
    (a) Lincoln (Hobo Junction station, not the original Lincoln station) to Jack o'Lantern, Woodstock ⇔ West Thornton, about mile 14.6 (6.7 miles). The Café Lafayette Dinner Train operates over the same route but from North Woodstock (about ¾ mile south of Hobo Junction) to West Thornton ⇔ Thornton, about mile 12.75 (7.8 miles) [mile posts measure up from zero at Plymouth], and
    (b) Meredith via Weirs Beach to Lakeport (Laconia) (8.7 miles).
    As advertised on Saturdays and Sundays at the end of September/beginning of October, they run additionally a round trip over part of the intervening section: from Meredith to The Common Man Inn, one mile north of Plymouth (14.6 miles) - the only advertised use made of this section. Details from their website → Fall Foliage trains or the Foliage Trains website.
    There does not appear to be any advertised operation on the remaining intervening section. Report updated: August 2023

    [Conway – North Conway (ex-B&M station) - Mountain Junction (near Intervale) - Bartlett - ] Crawford Notch (a.k.a. Crawford's) - Fabyans NH2
    The Conway Scenic Railroad operate regular seasonal tourist services - normally restricted to North Conway - Conway (5.3 miles) (Conway Valley Train) and North Conway - Bartlett - Crawford Notch (25.7 miles) (Mountaineer - formerly Notch train), extended between mid September and mid October to Fabyans (a further 4.0 miles). [Bartlett-Sawyer River Excursion is only a short version]
    The 470 Railroad Club and The Massachusetts Bay Railroad Enthusiasts occasionally run public charter excursions which may run beyond Crawford Notch.
    Conway - Mountain Junction is part of the former Boston & Maine line from Boston to Intervale; Redstone - Mountain Junction - Hazens is part of the former Maine Central Mountain Division line from Portland to St. Johnsbury. Report updated: September 2022

    New Jersey

    [Secaucus Junction – ] Sport interlocking – Meadowlands NJ1
    This 1.9 mile branch from a junction with New Jersey Transit's Pascack Valley line serves major events at the sports complex, with a shuttle service from/to Secaucus Junction when advertised by New Jersey Transit. It is usually possible to make a quick round trip without attending the event. There is no service over the north-facing connection with the branch. Report updated: May 2023

    County, Millstone Junction - Jersey Avenue [New Brunswick] NJ2
    New Jersey Transit (select North East Corridor) arriving and starting trains here use a turn-back platform on the Millstone (now Clyde) freight branch. There is also a southbound platform on the through lines used by trains continuing to Trenton but none for northbound trains. Report updated: May 2023

    [Newark Penn Station – ] Kearny – Meadows [ – Hoboken] NJ3
    This link line - the Waterfront Connection (previously known as Gold Coast Connection) - between the North East Corridor and the New Jersey Transit Hoboken line is used only by 0507 Mon to Fri Raritan - Hoboken (train 2406) (New Jersey Transit (select Raritan Valley) - look for note HOB). At all other times, passengers Newark Penn ⇔ Hoboken change trains at Secaucus Junction. Report updated: May 2023

    [Newark Broad Street Station – ] Kearny – Allied Junction [ – Secaucus] NJ4
    The two tracks of this link line - the Midtown Connection - between the North East Corridor and the New Jersey Transit Morris & Essex line are separated on either side of the North East Corridor. Although both tracks are reversibly signalled, they are generally used uni-directionally by NJT trains direct Newark Broad Street ⇔ New York (see New Jersey Transit (select Morris & Essex)). Report updated: May 2023

    [Three Bridges – Flemington - ] Ringoes – Bowne – Lambertville NJ5
    Black River & Western Railroad excursions run regularly Flemington ⇔ Ringoes (5.0 miles). The railway intend to extend southwards to Lambertville (opposite New Hope). Of this, the first section, to Bowne (2.5 miles), had been in use but will not be running in 2023. Excursions north-eastwards from Flemington to Three Bridges have ceased. Report updated: May 2023

    New Mexico

    Anapra – El Paso, South Line Junction NM1
    The two tracks used by the west and eastbound Sunset Limited (trains 1 and 2) are separated for 3.7 miles of the Lordsburg Subdivision: one uses the original Southern Pacific alignment, the other the original El Paso & Southwestern alignment. Reported: August 2006

    Gallup - Albuquerque NM2
    The two bi-directional tracks are separated over three sections of the route between Gallup and Albuquerque. The working of Southwest Chief (trains 3 and 4) is at dispatcher's discretion. Reported: June 2018

    Big Horn wye NM3
    This wye (on the Cumbres & Toltec line) sees occasional use by charter photographer's specials setting back to allow passage of regular passenger trains. The specials are available to the general public and run over 2-3 days a couple of times a year. Reported: January 2019

    Chama wye NM4
    Normally used for turning empty stock trains, this sees occasional use by charters with passengers on board. Also Fireman and Engineer School workings (although these are suspended from 2023). Report updated: May 2023

    [Santa Fe - ] CP Hondo - Lamy (Santa Fe Southern depot) NM5
    This 13.6 mile section of the Santa Fe Southern Railway is used by Sky Railway's excursions of 4+ hours round-trip duration from Santa Fe (shorter excursions may not traverse the full length). There appear to be no trips to or from Lamy in 2023 - so do check destination with the operator before booking. Santa Fe to Hondo (originally Blewett) is also used by New Mexico Rail Runner Express. Report updated: June 2023

    New York State

    Queens Village – Belmont Park NY1
    This Long Island Rail Road branch, ca.¼ mile long, is used only when so advertised for access to events at the Belmont Park racetrack or UBS Arena, by special service from New York Penn station or Jamaica. Two round trips operate Wednesday to Sunday during NYRA horse racing seasons [Spring-Summer Meets: late April to mid July; Fall Championship Meet: early September to late October - see their news page]. Two direct trains Jamaica ⇔ Belmont Park operate before and after events at UBS Arena (Belmont Park is adjacent to UBS Arena). The LIRR website carries timings nearer the relevant dates. Report updated: May 2023

    Entry deleted.

    Mott Haven : wye NY3
    The third side of the triangle (wye) at Mott Haven junction (MO interlocking) is used by Metro-North Railroad special trains - when advertised during the baseball season - linking the New Haven and Harlem Lines with the Yankees-East 153rd Street station, serving the Yankees' Stadium. Train service details at MTA website. Report updated: May 2023

    Bethpage, BETH (Bethpage Junction) – Babylon, Belmont Junction NY4
    The Central Branch is an 8.2 mile link between the Main Line and the Montauk branch, providing an alternative route for the latter west of Babylon. It is a normal route for through trains Jamaica or beyond ⇔ stations Bay Shore or beyond in Montauk timetable (i.e. not those marked with T note). However, some trains do run non-stop (by dextrous dispatching to avoid stopping trains!) via the western section of the Montauk Branch (now also known as Babylon Branch) via Freeport and do not use the Central Branch. To be sure of using route NY4, use one of the trains shown to call at Hicksville or Mineola. Report updated: February 2022

    Buffalo : Erie Canal Harbor – Special Events Station NY5
    For Buffalo Sabres games and the some other events at the KeyBank Center Arena or at Canalside, a train departs from the Special Events Station (also referred to as the Events Only Station) 30 minutes after the end of the event, and uses this short section of line at the southern end of the NFTA-METRO line. Report updated: February 2022

    Long Island City – Fresh Pond – Jamaica, Jay Tower NY6
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Long Island City – Hunterspoint Avenue – Harold Tower NY7
    This 1.8 mile section of the Main Line has only Mon to Fri peak-hour service, of which the 0.6 mile section between Long Island City and Hunterspoint Avenue has only the eight inwards, five outwards trips through from/to Long Island City, shown in City Terminal Zone timetable (Long Island City table). Note: trains starting or terminating at Hunterspoint Avenue run without passengers between there and Long Island City. Report updated: May 2023

    Buffalo: CP2 - CP437 NY8
    The normal route of Lake Shore Limited (trains 48/49) between the above points is by the Buffalo Creek line (CSX Buffalo Terminal Subdivision tracks 1 or 2, via CP Draw and the former FW Tower: 2.9 miles). When that is not available, the alternative CSX Buffalo Terminal Subdivision track 3 (former New York Central 'Compromise Branch' via CP 1: 2.5 miles) may be used instead. Reported: October 2014

    Lakeville - Industry NY9
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Tompkinsville, NY - Ballpark (at St.George) - St.George, NY NY10
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    South Buffalo (Buffalo Creek Junction, CP Draw) - Hamburg - Eden - North Collins NY11
    Buffalo Cattaraugus & Jamestown Scenic Railway operate excursions as advertised (no regular schedule) from Hamburg over parts of the Buffalo Southern Railroad's former Erie Railroad line. An extended trip operates at least once a year (2023 date: 30 September 2023): north to South Buffalo, then south to North Collins) - see their Rail Fan Train Ride page. Report updated: May 2023

    North Buffalo Junction CP8 - Sycamore - CP 434 NY12
    When planned major engineering work blocks the regular Amtrak route Depew ⇔ Niagara Falls via Buffalo Exchange Street station, the Empire Service trains to and from Niagara Falls (and Toronto) are diverted via CSX's freight Belt Line branch around the north and east of downtown, 7.2 miles. From Sycamore to the Chicago Main Line, the route is via the east leg of the wye past the east end of the former Central Terminal at CP 437, then south of Frontier yard. The Niagara-bound journey may involve a double reversal past the Central Terminal to access the east leg of the wye. Such diversions, which applied in 2013 and June and July 2020, may appear on Amtrak's website → Service Alerts & Notices → Passenger Advisories showing the omission of Exchange Street calls. Reported: June 2020

    [Utica - ] Thendara (Old Forge) - Big Moose - Beaver River - Tupper Lake NY13
    The Adirondack Railroad, operating over former New York Central track, operate regularly from Utica to Thendara (which they usually call Old Forge), with short extensions to Big Moose (11 miles from Thendara) or Beaver River (20 miles) (no alighting or joining at either). Occasional extended excursions to Tupper Lake (56 miles from Thendara) operate as The High Peaks Limited when advertised. Report updated: June 2023

    Port Road CP187 or Carman CP156 - Hoffmans CP 169 NY14
    When planned engineering work blocks the regular Amtrak/CSX route Albany ⇔ Hoffmans via Schenectady, trains towards Buffalo can be diverted by either of two routes:
      i. from Albany setting back to Port Road CP187 thence via CSX's Boston Line, Selkirk Yard and Selkirk Line to CP169 (38.2 miles)
      ii. from Albany north to Carman CP156 thence via CSX's Carman Branch, South Schenectady and Selkirk Line to CP169 (14.4 miles)
    Such diversions (which could also apply in reverse) may appear on Amtrak's website → Service Alerts & Notices → Passenger Advisories showing the omission of Schenectady calls. Diversion i. applied on 30 September and 1 October 2023 to some trains. Reported: September 2023

    North Carolina

    Dillsboro – Bryson City – Nantahala NC1
    The regular Great Smoky Mountain Railroad tourist services Bryson City ⇔ Dillsboro (15.8 miles - Tuckasegee River Excursion) and Bryson City ⇔ Nantahala [run round loop at Hellards Court Circle] (23.0 miles - Nantahala Gorge Excursion) are normally scheduled in such a way that both services cannot be ridden on the same day but excursions covering the whole line in one day have occasionally been organised by the Watauga Valley Railroad Historical Society & Museum: (2023 date: 20 May 2023). Report up-dated: May 2023

    Red Springs – Parkton NC2
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn.

    Various NC3
    Entry deleted - North Carolina Transportation Museum public charter excursions over non-passenger lines no longer apply

    North Dakota

    [Minot – ] Surrey – New Rockford – Nolan – KO Junction – Casselton – West Fargo – Fargo ND1
    When planned major engineering work or flooding of the headwaters of the Missouri blocks the regular Amtrak route Minot ⇔ Fargo via Grand Forks, the Empire Builder (trains 7/8) is diverted via BNSF Railway's freight line via New Rockford, 228.4 miles (sometimes referred to as the "Surrey cut-off") (as applied during late October / early November 2012, early July 2020 and late February 2022). Similarly, when pressure of freight traffic (crude oil movements) requires "directional running", in one direction the train operates by the diversionary route while in the other direction it runs the regular route (as applied during much of 2014). Such diversions may appear on Amtrak's website → Service Alerts & Notices → Passenger Advisories [use the Amtrak journey planner to check whether a replacement bus is serving intermediate points]. Report up-dated: February 2022


    Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway / Orrville Railroad Heritage Society OH1
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn

    Cleveland Tower City/Public Square – South Harbor OH2
    Entry deleted - service withdrawn until further notice. Repairs and improvements to the Waterfront Line remain on schedule and RTA plans to provide service for every regular-season home game at Cleveland Browns Stadium from 10 September 2023. From a date yet to be determined in 2024, the line will resume operating a regular schedule in addition to serving major events (whereupon this entry will become superfluous again). Report updated: August 2023

    Cincinnati (Riverside) – Batesville, IN – Greensburg OH3
    See entry IN3 under Indiana.

    Ohio - various OH4
    Cincinnati Scenic Railway is the operator of the Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad and The Ohio Rail Experience. Together these operations provide year-round excursion train rides in western Ohio - the former regularly Lebanon ⇔ Hageman Junction, the latter as advertised over various sections of the Indiana & Ohio Railway system. Report updated: March 2021


    Portland : Rose Quarter Transit Center – Interstate/Rose Quarter OR1
    On MAX [Metropolitan Area Express - TriMet's light rail system] is a junction between the Blue and Yellow lines. A linking curve, forming a triangle, is used for depot workings at beginning and end of service on the Yellow (Expo Center) line, daily. Such journeys at beginning of service are marked Y from Ruby Junction in the Blue Line westbound timetable and those at the end of service are marked Y in the Yellow Line southbound timetable, at the TriMet website. Report updated: May 2023

    [Garibaldi – Rockaway Beach – ] Haddon - Wheeler – Batterson OR2
    Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad's Coastal Excursion train runs Garibaldi ⇔ Rockaway Beach (4.8 miles) and their regular dinner trains normally operate to Wheeler (a further 7.3 miles). East of Wheeler, Spring Splendor and Fall Splendor trains run to Batterson (8.5 miles) weekends in April, May, October and early November. Report updated: May 2023


    Rockhill Furnace : wye and Colgate Grove : wye PA1
    East Broad Top Railroad trains used to wye at each end of their journey before being suspended after 2011 season. When service resumed on 6 May 2022, the Colgate Grove wye is used but passengers detrain on the north leg of the wye at Rockhill Furnace. Report updated: April 2022

    Reading Outer Station - Port Clinton – Nesquehoning Junction (former PQ Tower) – Jim Thorpe, PA2
    Reading Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad operate regular excursions as advertised on their Passenger Division Train Schedule pages.
    Between Nesquehoning Junction and Jim Thorpe is the same route as their Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway regular tourist excursions (see PA8). Report updated: June 2021

    Yeadon (Chester and Callahan Avenues) – Darby PA3
    This 0.75 mile section of SEPTA "subway-surface trolley" (= streetcar or tram) route 13 is only used (as advertised) at shift change-over times by cars proceeding to or from Elmwood depot (they are unadvertised Darby Transportation Center ⇔ Elmwood). Report updated: May 2022

    [New Hope – ] Lahaska – Buckingham [ - Wycombe - Warminster PA4
    In addition to their regular tourist services throughout the year New Hope ⇔ Lahaska (4.1 miles), New Hope & Ivyland Railroad operate Buckingham Valley excursions a short distance further, to Buckingham, as advertised. None yet advertised for 2023 - unless they resume in 2024 this entry will be deleted. The section beyond Buckingham had already gone out of service. Report updated: May 2023

    [Honesdale – ] Hawley – Lackawaxen PA5
    In addition to weekend seasonal tourist services Honesdale ⇔ Hawley (9.0 miles), the Stourbridge Line (Delaware Lackawaxen & Stourbridge Railroad Co.) operate excursions - as the Lackawaxen Limited and Lackawaxen Foliage Limited excursions over the full length of their line to Lackawaxen (a further 15.8 miles) as advertised - look for the 3½+ hour round trips from Honesdale to Lackawaxen. None advertised for 2023 - unless they resume this entry will be deleted. Report updated: May 2023

    [Latrobe – ] CP Conpit – Johnstown PA6
    Track 3 follows a different alignment from tracks 1 and 2 over much of this 15.5 mile section; all are reversible. Track 2 is normally used by the Amtrak Pennsylvanian (trains 42/43/44) as it serves the platform at Johnstown, although track 3 (which has a slower track speed) may on occasion be used by the westbound train (train 43). Reported: August 2011

    [Johnstown – ] Interlockings AR and UN – Benny [ – Altoona] PA7
    Track 1 (signalled for eastbound trains) follows a different alignment from tracks 2 (reversibly signalled) and 3 (signalled for westbound trains) over this 2.1 mile section. Track 1 is normally used by the eastbound Amtrak Pennsylvanian (trains 42/44), while tracks 2 or 3 are used by the westbound train (train 43). Reported: August 2011

    Dureya or Tunkhannock – Pittston Junction – Glen Summit – White Haven [ - M&H Junction (former Penn Haven Junction) - Old Penn Haven – Nesquehoning Junction (former PQ Tower) – Jim Thorpe] PA8
    Reading Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad have operated occasional passenger excursions (latterly as chartered specials) over this route - as advised on their website (look for special events - none advertised since 2021).
    Between Jim Thorpe and Old Penn Haven is the route of their Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway regular tourist excursions and between Jim Thorpe, Old Penn Haven and White Haven is the route of their one weekend a month "Bike Trains" (on which round trip train fares are available).
    Between Nesquehoning Junction and Jim Thorpe is the same route as their excursions from Reading (see PA2). Report updated: August 2023

    Valley – Cynwyd PA9
    This 2.1 mile section of the former Pennsylvania Norristown line is not particularly "obscure" but it only operates Mon to Fri peak hours, apart from one Mon to Fri mid-day round trip. Current schedule → Cynwyd line. Report updated: May 2022

    Bellefonte – Sayers Dam, Lemont and Tyrone PA10
    Until 2019 the Bellefonte Historical Railroad Society operated Fall Foliage / Halloween excursions one weekend at the end of October each year over former Pennsylvania RR lines to Sayers Dam (near Howard) (ca.9 miles); to Lemont (9.2 miles (this branch not available beyond Pleasant Gap Junction - line blocked by stored cars)); and to Tyrone (33.5 miles). Santa train ran from Bellefonte to Pleasant Gap Junction (Lemont branch) one weekend each December. At May 2023 their website stated: "Unfortunately, due to a number of compounding factors beyond our control, we will again be unable to offer any Fall Foliage or Santa Express train rides for the 2022 season." From 28 October 2023 the Society is again running occasional shorter trips when advertised from Bellefonte: to Milesburg (2.7 miles), to Axemann (4.5 miles), and to Dale Summit (8 miles), via Axemann, on the now-unblocked Lemont line. Report updated: October 2023

    SEDA Council of Governments Joint Rail Authority PA11
    In addition to the trains mentioned under entry PA10, other opportunities in central Pennsylvania are operated by the North Shore Railroad over track owned by SEDA Council of Governments Joint Rail Authority - excursions are listed at their link "Events" → "Passenger Excursions Time Table". Report updated: May 2023

    Scranton - Carbondale and Scranton - Delaware Water Gap PA12
    These former Delaware & Hudson and Delaware Lackawanna & Western lines (16 and 56 miles, respectively) are traversed by extended "Excursion train rides" from Steamtown at Scranton, see their website (which also gives details of their "Short Train Rides"). Archbald is a shorter trip on the Carbondale line; all other locations are shorter trips on the Delaware Water Gap line. Report updated: April 2023

    Minersville - Cressona ("towards Schuylkill Haven") PA13
    Railway Restoration Project 113 (see News & Events) have sponsored occasional trains in conjunction with Reading Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad over this 6.3 mile section of former Reading Railroad. Report updated: May 2023

    Panhandle interlocking (Monongahela river bridge south end) - Allentown - South Hills Junction PA14
    This 1.91 mile section of the Port Authority of Allegheny County light rail system - former route 52 (closed to regular traffic from 27 March 2011) - is only used for infrequent diversions when Mount Washington Tunnel is closed for engineering work. Such diversions applied in January and October 2016, January 2020, and evenings from August 2020 until 30 June 2022, and appear either on the Port Authority's detours webpage (search on routes BLLB, BLSV and RED) or among their News Releases. Report updated: May 2022

    Philadelphia: 42nd Street junctions - 40th Street Station (Market-Frankford line) - Lancaster Avenue PA15
    SEPTA "subway-surface trolley" (= streetcar or tram) routes 10, 11, 13, 34 and 36 use the relevant sections of these link lines to reach 40th Street station when the down-town trolley tunnel is closed for maintenance. This applies each week from 2200 Sundays until 0500 Mondays and from 2200 Mondays until 0500 Tuesdays (see schedules and look for note M). Also at other times as advertised - look in System Status → Trolley → 10 → Advisory for Detours and for the annual Trolley Tunnel Blizt each July of around a fortnight's continuous tunnel closure and consequent detours. Trolleys utilise unidirectional turning circuits at 40th/Market Streets. Report updated: August 2023

    Philadelphia: South 54th Street - Elmwood Avenue: Escape Track PA16
    This ca. 700 yard long connection between the Amtrak North East Corridor and the SEPTA Airport line at PHIL interlocking enables diversion of SEPTA Airport trains from/to Philadelphia 30th Street low level (Amtrak) platforms when work affects their normal route from/to the high level platforms, and appear in System Status → Advisory. Such diversions applied in July/August in both 2022 and 2023 - but are unlikely to apply very often. Report updated: August 2023

    Rhode Island

    Providence & Worcester Railroad RI1
    See MA5 and MA6 under Massachusetts.

    Davisville Junction - Quonset Point (North Kingstown) RI2
    For the annual Rhode Island National Guard Open House Air Show (usually in mid-June but cancelled in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023) at the Quonset Point Naval Air Station, shuttle services have operated over this ca. 3 mile Seaview Railroad line, both from Providence and from Wickford Junction (the latter reversing at Davisville Junction) Report updated: May 2023


    This series of "TN" entries should not be confused with those for Tunisia, above.

    Chattanooga : ChooChoo (former Terminal Station site) TN1
    Entry deleted - regular excursions no longer operate

    [Nashville – ] Lebanon – Watertown TN2
    The Nashville Metropolitan Transportation Authority operate the regular commuter service over the Nashville & Eastern Railroad (former Tennessee Central) Nashville ⇔ Lebanon. Beyond there, the Tennessee Central Railway Museum operate excursions through from their Nashville museum site as advertised. Report updated: May 2023

    Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum steam excursions on Norfolk Southern lines TN3
    Entry deleted - Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum excursions over NS no longer operate


    San Marcos, CP Q212 UP Junction – San Antonio TX1
    There are two bi-directional routes between CP Q212 UP Junction (just south of San Marcos), and San Antonio (approx. 53 miles), both now UP-owned as part of their Austin Subdivision:

  • track 1 (formerly International - Great Northern (Missouri Pacific)) (the Amtrak platform at San Marcos is on this line, north of CP Q212)
  • track 2 (formerly Missouri-Kansas-Texas)
    These run broadly parallel but approach San Antonio on the west and east sides of the city, respectively. The scheduled routing is:
  • southbound Texas Eagle (train 21/421) track 1, giving a head-on move into San Antonio Amtrak station by the Tower 109 (Apache Junction) - Tower 112 (CP SA 211) link
  • northbound Texas Eagle (train 22/422) backs out to Tower 112 (CP SA 211) thence track 2 to Conrads, thence track 1 (note: the spur from East Yards to Travis no longer exists)

    By following the scheduled route, the inbound train forms the outbound train without wyeing (turning). However, Amtrak trains can (and occasionally do) take either track or switch tracks at any of three places intermediately at dispatcher's discretion. Report updated: October 2013

    Houston, Tower 26 – Beaumont, Langham Road TX2
    The two bi-directional tracks used by the west and eastbound Sunset Limited (trains 1 and 2) are separated: the westbound normally uses the original Southern Pacific (Texas & New Orleans) route, Layfayette and Terminal Subdivisions (78.4 miles), the eastbound the former Missouri Pacific (Beaumont, Sour Lake & Western) route, Houston West Belt, Houston East Belt and Beaumont Subdivisions (84.9 miles) (involving a back-up movement in Houston, from Carr Street to Lyons, or - occasionally - from the Amtrak depot to Chaney Junction, to reach Tower 26, thence Tower 210 and Belt Junction). Report updated: May 2017

    [Cedar Park – ] Bertram – Burnet TX3
    The Austin Steam Train operates regular year-round tourist services over the tracks of the Austin Area Terminal Railroad - normally Cedar Park - Bertram (23.3 miles). However, when advertised as The Hill Country Flyer - usually from March to May and again from late September to December - the railroad operates Saturday excursions on to Burnet (a further 11.3 miles).
    In-bound and out-bound trains at Cedar Park may use different legs of the wye there.
    Report updated: May 2023

    Taylor – Hearne – Palestine (northbound) / Corsicana (southbound) – Longview, Junction TX4
    When planned major engineering work blocks the regular Amtrak route Longview / Dallas / Fort Worth / Taylor, the Texas Eagle (trains 21/421/22/422) is diverted northbound via the Union Pacific (former International - Great Northern, later Missouri Pacific) line (the normally freight-only element is 226.1 miles) and southbound via the Union Pacific (former St. Louis South Western and Houston & Texas Central) route via Corsicana; the intermediate stops - particularly Dallas and Fort Worth - are omitted. Although both routes are useable in either direction, the different routings reflect "directional running" on UP lines in Texas, and the actual location of the engineering work may have a bearing on whether or not this applies. Such diversions (which applied in autumn 2013, April/May 2014, May/June 2017, March 2018 and October 2019 but are unlikely to apply often) should appear on Amtrak's website → Service Alerts & Notices → Passenger Advisories. Report updated: October 2019

    Texarkana - Big Sandy TX5
    When planned major engineering work blocks the regular Amtrak route Texarkana ⇔ Big Sandy [- Mineola], the Texas Eagle (trains 21/421/22/422) is diverted via the Union Pacific (former St.Louis South Western) line (106.5 miles); the intermediate stops at Marshall and Longview are omitted. Such diversions (which applied in May 2016 and 2017, February/March 2019, August and October 2021) usually apply on a couple of dates each year (sometimes in one direction only) and should appear on Amtrak's website → Service Alerts & Notices → Passenger Advisories. Report updated: October 2021

    Houston - Rosenberg TX6
    When planned major engineering work blocks the regular Amtrak route Houston ⇔ Rosenberg, the Sunset Limited (trains 1 and 2) is diverted - west of Houston - via Tower 26 (Carr Street), T&NO Junction and Alvin (with reversals at Houston Amtrak station, at Carr Street and at Rosenberg). Such diversions (which applied in June 2016) are unlikely to apply often and, as there are no intermediate stops, they will not appear on Amtrak's website → Service Alerts & Notices → Passenger Advisories. Reported: June 2016

    Dallas, DFW Junction - Grand Prairie - Fort Worth, Tower 55 TX7
    When planned major engineering work blocks the regular Amtrak/Trinity Railway Express route Dallas ⇔ Fort Worth, the Texas Eagle (trains 21 and 22) is diverted via the Union Pacific (former Texas & Pacific) route (with reversals at Tower 55). Such diversions applied on 18 and 19 March 2023 (previous days' departures from Chicago) but are unlikely to apply often and, as there are no intermediate stops, they will not appear on Amtrak's website → Service Alerts & Notices → Passenger Advisories. The TRE website may indicate such work (but not for Sundays when they anyway have no service. Reported: March 2023


    Salt Lake City : Library – Courthouse UT1
    Entry deleted - service no longer restricted

    [Denver, CO – ] Wasatch – Ogden 31st Street – Salt Lake City UT2
    See CO6 under Colorado. Between Ogden Bridge Junction and Salt Lake City the trains run on UP tracks, parallel to the UTA FrontRunner tracks.

    [Castilla – ] Mapleton – Springville UT3
    The two bi-directional tracks used by the west and eastbound California Zephyr (trains 5 and 6) are separated between mileposts approx. 690 and 695.8, the more westerly track 2 being longer than track 1. Either track may be used at dispatcher's discretion. Reported: October 2013

    Provo Central - Salt Lake City Central - Ogden UT4
    UTA's FrontRunner service operates on its own dedicated tracks, parallel to Union Pacific's (used by Amtrak on regular route and on diversion route UT2), but diverging between Provo and Orem. Report updated: June 2018

    Salt Lake City Central - Smelter UT5
    The two bi-directional tracks used by the west and eastbound California Zephyr (trains 5 and 6) are separated only between Orange Street (milepost 782.0) and LM Bryan (milepost 777.2), the more northerly (track 1) being former Western Pacific, the more southerly (track 2) being former Los Angeles & Salt Lake (Union Pacific). Either track may be used at dispatcher's discretion. Reported: June 2018

    Brendel - Seven Mile UT6
    Rocky Mountaineer inclusive tour trains use this 21.3 miles section of the Union Pacific (former Denver & Rio Grande Western, 1965 built) Cane Creek branch (Seven Mile is referred to as Moab, but is 5+ miles north of that town) (see Exhibit 1 of the Surface Transportation Board filing) - on a regular, seasonal basis. A video of the Cane Creek branch is on You Tube - but note that the section beyond Seven Mile (at 7:40 on the video) is not included in the regular public trips. Report updated: November 2021


    Vermont Rail System VT1
    Vermont Rail System, as Green Mountain Railroad, operate seasonal 'fall foliage' services from Chester as advertised on their website each year. Their services from Burlington (to Middlebury) use the same route as Amtrak's Ethan Allen Express. Report updated: May 2023


    Dillwyn – New Canton VA1
    Entry deleted - facility no longer available

    Alexandria : CR Tower – Val Interlocking VA2
    Over this 1.5 mile section Amtrak and Virginia Railway Express (Manassas Line) trains normally use the CSX line, except VRE train no. 338, 1710 Mon to Fri Broad Run - Washington Union Station, which uses Norfolk Southern's North Passing Track to avoid a conflicting movement. Val interlocking is at about the location shown as AF interlocking on the SPV Railroad Atlas. Report updated: June 2021

    Roanoke – various excursions by The Roanoke Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society VA3
    Entry deleted - facility no longer available

    Various excursions by Virginia Museum of Transportation VA4
    Entry deleted - facility no longer available

    Washington State

    Tacoma Tideflats yard trackage WA1
    Entry deleted - facility no longer available

    Spokane, Sunset Junction – Lakeside Junction WA2
    There are two bi-directional routes between these locations, both part of BNSF's Northwest Division:

  • Lakeside Subdivision ("Low Line") (formerly Northern Pacific - 10.6 miles)
  • Spokane Subdivision ("High Line") (formerly Spokane, Portland & Seattle - 10.9 miles)
    In normal operation, the Lakeside Subdivision is used by eastbound freight trains, the Spokane Subdivision by westbound freight trains. However, the Portland sections of the Empire Builder (trains 27 and 28) normally use the "Low Line" in both directions. That portion of the Spokane Subdivision Sunset Junction ⇔ Latah Junction (0.8 miles) is also used, in both directions, by the Seattle sections of the Empire Builder (trains 7 and 8). Report updated: July 2017

    West Virginia

    Hawks Nest, MA interlocking – Sewell, MJ interlocking WV1
    Although there are two bi-directional tracks - separated by the New River - available at dispatcher's discretion, the speed limits on the line on the west bank (Track 2) and passing siding (loop) on east bank dictate that the Cardinal (trains 50 and 51) normally runs via the line on the east bank (Track 1) in both directions. Report updated: September 2019

    Green Spring – Wappocomo (Romney) – Sycamore Bridge – Petersburg WV2
    The Potomac Eagle "Trough Canyon" excursions of the South Branch Valley Railroad normally run over the 17 miles south from Wappocomo (Romney) to Sycamore Bridge. On the last Saturday of every month during the season "All-day Petersburg" trips extend a further 22 miles to the southern end of the line at Petersburg. On a few occasions each year, a trip covers the 15.2 miles north from Wappocomo to Green Spring as "Green Spring" trip - sometimes advertised in conjunction with a Trough trip as "Combo". When an "All-day Petersburg trip" runs the previous day, it is possible to cover the complete line over a weekend. Check their website. Report updated: May 2023

    Cumberland, MD - Maryland Junction WV3
    Western Maryland Scenic Railroad excursions normally run west (in Maryland) from Cumberland to Frostburg. However, very occasionally short trips run south from Cumberland to Maryland Junction wye (1.6 miles; normally used for turning locos., the line almost entirely in WV). Perhaps the 'Hands on the Throttle' experience (a snip at $1309 (2023 price)) may use this section of their line.... Report updated: May 2023


    Elm Grove – Brookfield WI1
    The two tracks used by the west and eastbound Empire Builder (trains 7 and 8) are separated in the western environs of Milwaukee. Reported: August 2006

    [St.Paul, MN – ] St. Croix Junction, MN – Prairie du Chien – East Dubuque, IL [ – Chicago] WI2
    When planned major engineering work blocks the regular Amtrak route St.Paul ⇔ Chicago via Milwaukee, the Empire Builder (trains 7/8) are diverted via BNSF Railway's former Chicago Burlington & Quincy "twin cities" main line. The normally freight-only element is 369 miles. Such diversions (which applied in July 2008 and December 2012) may appear on Amtrak's website → Service Alerts & Notices → Passenger Advisories when the intermediate calling points are omitted. Report updated: December 2012


    [Denver, CO – ] Speer Junction – Evanston [ – Salt Lake City, UT] WY1
    See CO6 under Colorado. Note that there are two prospective routes within Wyoming between West Speer and Laramie.

    [Denver, CO – ] Speer Junction – Cheyenne WY2
    See CO1 under Colorado.


    Victor Sudriers – Verdum UY1
    On the Día del Patromonio weekend in October, and often also during Semana del Turismo early in April, special trains from Montevideo may be advertised over this 79km section beyond Victor Sudriers; they sometimes continue a further 3km to Minas. Reported: January 2012

    Toledo – San Ramón UY2
    On the Día del Patromonio weekend in October, and often also during Semana del Turismo early in April, special trains from Montevideo may be advertised over this 25km section from the junction at Toledo; they sometimes continue to Cerro Colorado, a further 71km. Reported: January 2012

    25 de Agosto - Florida – Durazno UY3
    Since 2012, regular services have terminated at 25 de Agosto. However, the San Cono festival (each 3 June) may produce a special train Montevideo ⇔ Florida (45km beyond 25 de Agosto). The Pilsen rock festival used to produce special trains to Durazno (96km beyond Florida) but this seems to be long ceased. Report updated: December 2017


    New Kapiri Mposhi [Tazara] - Kapiri Mposhi / Kapiri North [ZRL] ZM1
    The only through passenger trains between the two systems at Kapiri Mposhi are the Rovos Rail cruise trains South Africa ⇔ Dar es Salaam. On the Dar-bound journey trains use the south leg of the triangle at Kapiri Mposhi, on the return (to turn the train) they use the north leg. Report updated: March 2016

    Livingstone - Victoria Falls bridge [- Victoria Falls, ZW] ZM2
    The only through passenger trains between the Zambian and Zimbabwean systems are the Rovos Rail cruise trains South Africa ⇔ Dar es Salaam. Report updated: March 2016


    Bulawayo avoiding line (Mpopoma - Nketa) ZW1
    Rovos Rail cruise trains South Africa ⇔ Dar es Salaam, which use the route via Botswana, use this curve to run between the Plumtree and Victoria Falls lines, to avoid Bulawayo station. Report updated: February 2024

    Bulawayo avoiding line (Luveve - Northolt) ZW2
    Entry deleted - use of this facility apparently ceased.

    Somabhula balloon loop ZW3
    Entry deleted - use of this facility apparently ceased

    Dabuka (Gweru) northern balloon loop ZW4
    Rovos Rail Southern Cross cruise trains South Africa ⇔ Victoria Falls which use the route via Beit Bridge use this loop to turn the train, to avoid reversal. Report updated: February 2024

    Bulawayo – Beit Bridge ZW5
    Of the Rovos Rail cruise trains South Africa ⇔ Victoria Falls, Victoria Falls Journey use the route via West Nicholson and Gwanda, while Southern Cross use the route via Rutenga and Somabhula (including route ZW4). Reported: February 2024

    Thomson Junction balloon loop ZW6
    Rovos Rail cruise trains from South Africa to Victoria Falls use this loop to turn the train, with the exception of those continuing through Zambia to Lobito or Dar es Salaam. Reported: February 2024


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